Hello – Vienna Calling

...and so we come back to the beginning...

So how come Vienna got one of the Semi’s and the Final ? The Swiss got jipped there. (Corrected. Thanks gordie)

I know that Basel hosted the opening ceremony and game of the tournament but how many people remember either of these two events now ?

» In a slightly related note and an opportunity for a very tenuous link… Freddy G contacted me to ask:

“… Nobody in Austria sang about the team then, which was hardly surprising. – But what about posting some music from an Austrian artist ? Come on there must be some decent groups from there ?”

Well Freddy there isn’t.

You’d think with them having such a rich musical heritage that there would be something out there, but Austria is better known for it’s classical music and lesser known for any popular music – apart from…

The late great Falco was pretty much dismissed as a novelty act because of that song, but he had other releases including one about his home city:

» Falco – Vienna Calling (Single Version)
» Falco – Vienna Calling (Tek Mix)

– of course there was… which I still love to this day:

» Rock Me Amadeus (Single Version)

» Falco – Rock Me Amadeus (Salieri Version)

– Here’s something not many of you may know: The song “Der Kommissar” was originally recorded and released (in German) by Falco a year before the band “After The Fire” translated and did their English cover version.

The original...
» Falco – Der Kommissar (Album Version)

The cover...
» After The Fire – Der Kommissar (Long Version)

I know none of these are about footie. I’m indulging myself.

5 Replies to “Hello – Vienna Calling”

  1. rocky says:

    Some Austrian Artists (i.E. Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung) are filed under ‘Austropop’ – which does not mean that that’s the cream.

  2. erik hogstrom says:

    Thanks Webbie for the inspiration on Falco. I climbed up on my soapbox for the late musician today. Now I can settle down and enjoy the final. I hope Spain takes the trophy in a romp.
    Oh, and you are correct about the new Man City shirts. Why do they only have the white trim on one side of the shirt. Oh Thaksin, so much to answer for.

  3. Askalt says:

    Thanks for uploading these songs – I guess I’m the only Austrian who doesn’t own a Falco CD collection – shame on me..
    It is quite true that there aren’t many famous Austrian artists nowadays – though our dearly loved (haha) DJ Ötzi had a No 1 hit in the UK some years ago…heeey baby uh ah…
    But there are some bands that are doing quite well:
    – Attwenger, who mix Austrian folk music with hip hop
    – Sofa Surfers – they combine rock and electronic music
    – Madita – our version of Feist
    – Kruder & Dorfmeister, chilled out trip hop
    – Bauchklang –musicians who produce a brilliant reggae/ska sound without any instruments – best live band I’ve eva seen!


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