…the Gentleman on the right had a different opinion on that.

Clough leading out Leeds United for the Charity Shield

The bloke to the left also said that you can’t win them all…

Pictured above is Cloughy leading out Leeds United during his 44 day reign when the faced the Shankly led Liverpool side in the 1974 Charity Shield.

This match was notable because:
– It was Shankly’s last game in charge: He had retired after the previous season where Liverpool had won the FA Cup.
– Brian Clough was sacked 34 days later after Leeds had P7 W1 L3 D3.Bremner and Keegan getting sent off
– It was the first Charity Shield to be televised: And the country got to see…
– Billy Bremner and Kevin Keegan getting into fisticuffs: After they were sent off both of them took off their shirts and flung them onto the Wembley track. The FA fined them 500 quid and were both banned for a massive 11 matches.

The match ended in a 1-all draw and they took penalties to decide. The game was won after Leeds chose their goalkeeper (the big looking bruiser David Harvey, above left in the pic behind Bremner) to take a pen. He blasted it over the bar.

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Enough of the filler, let’s get back to the original ego and a couple of songs done by one J.J. Barrie which the Wikipedia entry tells me were done in 1980. For what reason is unknown. It would have been nice to have the interweb back then. So many things that happened in years gone by are now lost in time.    Update: More info here.

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  1. Those are just extraordinary…

    I still have a video somewhere of an old TOTP 2 which segues JJ Barrie’s ‘No Charge’ with ‘Clash City Rockers’. I used to watch that Clash bit over and over, so when I rewound the tape back to the start of the song, I’d always catch the end of ‘No Charge’. Whenever I listen to ‘Clash City Rockers’ now, I just have this image of Barrie sitting on a stool, hamming it up for that godawful song…

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