It’s No Laughing Matter

What do you think of it so far !You’ve seen all the recent article about Luton Town. Latest news is that there is a glimmer of hope in the form of that dull TV-AM jumper wearing presenter Nick Owen. He’s not coughing up any of his own cash mind, he’s doing the recently popular thing of “heading up a consortium”. Either way it’s good news for the Luton players, never mind the club, who thanks to the FA Cup match at home to Liverpool last Sunday got another wage packet. Last one before this was back in November I think.

This is the third time since 1990 that Luton have gone into administration. Hopefully everything will be sorted in time and they will be still in existence come the replay.

After reading about their current troubles I looked at the Wikipedia entry for Luton Town FC and was reminded of their troubled past – especially in the 80’s when their then chairman banned all away fans from visiting. (The decision to do this was made after Millwall fans invaded the plastic pitch.)

This action got them thrown out of the League Cup and ironically a few seasons later then went on to win it.

LUTON !Further back in their history – back to into the 1970’s and for some reason it was all comedy back then. The late great Eric Morecambe was on the board of directors from 1970-1979 and before the above silly actions a decade later, people fondly remembered Luton because of big Eric’s occasional mentions *cough* Luton! *cough* in some of their sketches.

Whilst researching their past I also stumbled across a bit of undocumented information in relation to a footie/musical moment at the club. Nothing to do with their League Cup Final appearance. So far still no luck with that. But with a single released in 1974.

Why 1974 ? I have no idea. Nothing of note happened to them. They were promoted from the old Division 2, but usually this is not something you would go and sing about.

The song they released was a collaboration – one that you’d never expect and wouldn’t imagine. Again I don’t know why or how this came about but the Luton Town players got together with The Barron Knights.

Yep you read it correctly. There’s another thing from the past you probably forgot about I bet.
Quick history for anybody too lazy to click the above link: They were a comedy musical band who did spoofs of current songs of the day. Weird Al does the same thing.

They first found success in 1964 with “Call Up The Groups”. Then after a couple more singles disappeared onto the cabaret circuit only to resurface again in 1978 with “A Taste Of Aggro”.

A few years before that – as mentioned in 1974 they did this with the Luton Town squad:

The Barron Knights and Luton Town FC

» The Barron Knights & the ’74 Luton Town Squad – Hatters Hatters

Sample lyrics: “Hatters, Hatters what a great team / Let’s show the others we are the cream.”

Edit/update: Found some info about the single via Netsounds music. It says: “With Gatefold And Inner Sleeves Inside Of Sleeve Shows Eric Morecambe In Bath With Players”

EXTRA TIME: A reminder of some of their more famous spoof singles »

» THe Barron Knights – The Chapel Lead Is Missing

» The Barron Knights – Little White Bum

(A spoof of Tommy Steel’s – Little White Bull)

» The Barron Knights – A Taste Of Aggro

(Songs spoofed: Boney M – Rivers of Babylon / Father Abraham – The Smurf Song / Brian and Michael – Matchstalk Men & Matchstalk Cats and Dogs.)

As for Luton… personally I’m not bothered if they survive or go under. (Apologies for any fans reading this). It will be sad to see it happen, but these days these things do. Thankfully though are still a rare occurrence.
If they do go I’m sure like Aldershot they will return in another form.

2 Replies to “It’s No Laughing Matter”

  1. Jim_York says:

    I just came across your wonderful blog via the Hype Machine and am enjoying its generally awful contents.

    I think it’s just the platform for the utterly brilliant (and ominously downbeat) “We play for Scarborough” by the East Coast team’s 1987 Conference winning squad. It just reeks of small town optimism and naivety from around the time that teams could actually rise up the leagues without vast dollops of cash.

    Given the later fortunes of the club it would seem a fitting memorial to a tawdry ending.

    [And, of course, if you ever found a copy of this: then it would be much appreciated!]

  2. Webbie @ Football and Music says:

    Oh Jim we’ve got to find that York City single. I need to hear the b side.

    Thanks for visiting and thanks for the Scarborough stuff too.
    I’ll have a crack at posting that next.


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