That’s a thought – Where are the cheerleaders for the USMNT ? They were there back in 1994… Admittedly they were Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, but they were there. I think it’s probably more because it’s a bit nippy down there is South Africa. However if the Americans win the rights to hold a future World Cup I’m sure they’ll be back.

I’m distracting myself as well as you here. Let’s talk about some football soccer !

It is a pity that the USA didn’t finish runners up in the group. I’m not saying this because of an England bias or because of the more favourable route that they’ll have if they continue in the competition.

It is because:

1) Their match would have been on a Sunday afternoon. Weekend (sporting) prime time for the U.S TV networks – and especially for people on the West Coast who wouldn’t have to get up really early.

2) It would have given me a perfect excuse to post a clip from The Simpsons where Monty Burns was taunting the Germans. Ah what the hell. Here it is anyway.

3) If they won that match then the Quarter Final is on Sa July 3rd – a big holiday weekend in America.
Again imagine the TV rating for that. It would have been HUUUUGE !

But sadly nobody from ESPN/ABC spotted this potential massive money making opportunity and then had a quiet word in Bob Bradley’s ear before the Algeria game.

So then to repost a couple of videos from songs about the USA!USA!USA! team that I’ve mentioned previously. Starting with one from the balls to the wall posting…

– First up is a tune for the US Men’s team which after their victory was heard playing in the changing locker room. It’s the Weezer – Represent song:

This next one was originally featured in the USA posting. It is a great tongue-in-cheek ditty which I still don’t know anything about, but it’s become one of my favourite tunes from the World Cup so far.
I’ve named it: Loumae Earl – Blah Blah Blah, Football…

There’s a good chance of them progressing and there’s barely any more (decent) songs related to the U.S Team out there. That is very poor. Don’t know what I’m going to post next if they do go though !

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