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Another round of the FA Cup coming up this Saturday (5th Jan 2008). In amongst the fixtures for the Third Round Proper is a previous cup winner who only a few weeks ago were a whispy ‘tache away from going into administration.

They were pulled back from the brink, as they were in the final, thanks to a player from another team.

I remember Coventry back in the old 1st Division. They were a bit of a voodoo team to some others. Somehow they kept themselves in mid-table mediocrity for many years until 1987 when for some reason they woke up and went on to win the FA Cup Final against a very decent Spurs side. It was a very exciting match and Coventry only won it in extra time thanks to a Gary Mabbut o.g.

After this they went on to achieve nothing else and slid back into the background, only to resurface in the headlines in 2001 after their eventual relegation from the Prem and then a few weeks ago when Ray Ranson and his consortium saved them from admin with only 30 minutes to spare.

But back to that FA Cup Final and of course the trip to the recording studio for the squad for the obligatory single.

In John Sillett’s team belting out this “tune” was their lovely keeper Steve Ogrizovic, Brian Kilcline, Cyril Regis and the scorer with that flying header, Keith Houchen.

The 1987 FA Cup winning Coventry Squad

» Coventry FA Cup Squad ’87 – Go For It !

BONUS: YouTube clip – The Coventry team singing the song on Blue Peter.

EXTRA TIME: More related “music” associated with Cov…

(I’ve collected quite a few footie and musical recordings now and I have to mention the lazy effort by the songwriters. If your team plays in red there is a 99% chance that the song will contain “red” in the title. The same, not surprisingly, happens with blue (of Chelski, Brum…etc, etc. Come on people, try to be creative when you are doing these singles. Alright that’s the team colours that they play in and what the fans chant, but try to avoid the cliché occasionally.)

Evidence of all the cliché’s and no imagination being used »

» Sky Blue Army

A pisspoor effort. Taken the chant, added a Casiotone and some weak singing.

» Sky Blue Land

Apparently this song is played every time Coventry City win.   Which is…
Ahh I’m not going to. Too easy.

» The Believers – While The Sky Is Blue

Actually quite listenable, but please I don’t want to hear the words “sky” and “blue” any more !

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