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AOL UK's WAGs page You may have heard about and you’ve definitely seen photo’s of the WAGs.

WAGs : Wives and girlfriends of footballers.

These WAGs are usually like the archetypal trophy wife. All surface but no feeling. Like one of those cars the boy racers have, attractive to look at but rough as old bollocks underneath.

There are a couple of exceptions, some of them have their own careers and income, such as ÜberWAG Skeletor (Vicky Beckham). But most are happy to just shop and travel to places to watch their blokes play. – Usually from the comfort of the nearest luxury hotel.

Wikipedia has a very detailed page about the WAGs. Including info about variations including:

  • Golf: WAGs/WABs (Wives and birdies)
  • Cricket: CWAGs (Cricket wife/girlfriend)
  • The British Royal Family: RAGs (Royals and Girlfriends) and Mads (mothers and daughters – Fergie & Beatrice)

Other acronyms

  • CHAPs: (“celebrities’ husbands and partners”)
  • HABs: (“husbands and boyfriends” for the partners of female tennis players at Wimbledon)
  • MAGs: (“mothers and girlfriends”, or the singular “MAG” for mother of a WAG (e.g. “Wonder who’s paying for Coleen’s MAG’s shopping?”)
  • SADs: (“sons and daughters” of footballers, a term used by the Sunday Times with reference to Bianca Gascoigne, daughter of Paul Gascoigne.)
  • SWAGs: (used both for “supporters without a game” (i.e. England fans at a loose end in Germany on days when their team was not playing and, according to the Guardian, “Summit wives and girlfriends” (the partners of World leaders attending the G8 Summit)

AOL Entertainment have created what could be the world’s first league tables of WAGs, where thousands of people have rated them to see which WAGs are the most popular. » LINK (safe for werk if yer bosses don’t mind you looking at pics of birds in bikini’s.)

These people have become easy fodder for the tabloids and are regularly featured being photographed on the beach or shopping.

Finally to the point of this long post:
As well as a couple being in the music industry (Cheryl Cole, Vicky Becks), some of their fellow singers have commentated about the media obsession with the WAGs or even had a long-standing slagging match with each other.

The comment about the newspapers obsession comes from a new up-and-coming singer from Glasgow :

» Amy MacDonald – Footballer’s Wife   [lyrics]

The next one is from the daughter of (Fat Les) Keith Allen and her above linked spat with Girls Aloud singer Cheryl (wife of Ashley) Cole :

» Lily Allen – Cheryl Tweedy   [lyrics]

Edit & Update: Amy Winehouse also mentions about footballer’s wives in the lyrics to her song Fcuk Me Pumps

Extra linkage: Footie365 – WAGs who wear the trousers

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