...A temporary halt to the Brazil week (now fortnight) to bring you this one...

The webstats are telling me that in the run up to last Saturday many people were looking for an appropriate song to get themselves in the mood before the 1st leg of the WC qualifier at Croke Park.
  The most popular search was for a song originally released for Italia ’90 – Put Em Under Pressure (also The Memories – The Game).   But in the last few days the 2002 World Cup song Here Come The Good Times has leapt up the ranks.

Ah the cruelest luck with that France goal

Republic of Ireland fan v France

When searching for an image related to the Rep of Ire v Fra game similar results to the above came up. Such as this and this. Ok maybe not the last one, that was another didn't-qualify-for-that-one-either from four years ago.

So the odds are against them for the Wednesday return bout in what will be a high pressured atmosphere. (Watch yourself there Andrews) But once again, I don’t need to remind you. It is football…

I’ve decided to post something that is a rallying call to the Republic of Ireland squad. I say – as many others I’m sure are saying – go for it lads. Go on give it a lash.

This is one of the plethora of songs released for the 1990 fever and actually made it to number 1.
I’ve paired it with a re-recording of the same that he did four years later.

Liam Harrison » Liam Harrison & The Goal Celebrities – Give It A Lash Jack

» Liam Harrison & The Goal Celebrities – Give It A Lash Again

» Liam Harrison on MySpace

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