His name is Zola, he is the bossman...

You may have read reports that directly after West Ham’s defeat to Stoke last Saturday, Gianfranco Zola immediately flew back to Sardinia to consider his future. Well that wasn’t the case. The real reason was because Paolo, the bloke who was running his side business for him was sick and Gianfranco went to cover for him.

So if you were in the bar at the airport Holiday Inn in Cagliari on Sunday night, you might have seen “Francesco” (as he likes to call himself when belting out a few numbers to get the crowd warmed up) providing your entertainment.

– I heard that “Francesco” altered the words to one of the songs that he did and some of the punters in the bar that night would have heard him address his current plight. I managed to get hold of a transcript, stuck it through the translator and this is what he (allegedly) sung:
[To the tune of Peal Jam's - 'Alive']

“Gold..he said… have I got a little story for you.
What you thought was your safety, was nothing but a…
While you were sitting home alone in Ealing Broadway,
Your deal was err… it was dying…
Sorry you didn’t see it, but I’m glad we talked…

But I… I still arrived/for training/I still arrived.

Oh Steve Clarke walked slowly, across the training pitch.
He said I’m ready…ready for the fight,
‘I can’t remember any’ (he said), to this very day
except the look…the look of the fans,
now I can see… that Sullivan in the stands,

But I… I’m still here and I… I’m going to strive…

Is something wrong ? I said. Of course there is, Gold replied; You’re still around, I said – Do I deserve to be ? Is that the question ? and if so,…if so… who answers? who answers?

I’m… I’m still in charge,yeah yeah yeah yeah…I’m…. I’m still in charge…”

Thank you, thank you… and now we have 60’s singer turned-70’s Carry On actress Anita Harris with a Hammers classic. Sing along now:

Anita Harris » Anita Harris – I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

..who also recorded this Northern Soul classic:

» Anita Harris – The Playground

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