[I meant to get this out before their final game on May 2nd, but with my rate of posting… So finally and belatedly]

Newcastle flags

After only a one season dip Newcastle United are back to where they think that they belong…
But this time things will be very, very different.

A few weeks back I posed some questions for Teena (a friend of F&M) on her site Y I, Mum ? because sadly for Newcastle, they don’t have much time to dwell on celebration. Their preparations for next season have to be already under way before their championship title was even confirmed.

Harsh reality but as I said, things are different now.

Firstly – the Barcodes have to accept that they are no longer a “big” club.
Unless another billionaire sheik comes in of course, but at this present moment in time with their present set-up they have to try and ready themselves with a different outlook and a better view of what’s ahead for them.

The questions I posed to Teena were:

  • What will Ashley do now ?
  • Will he invest ?
  • Will he try to sell again ?
  • Will he replace Hughton ?
  • Who will leave ? Taylor and/or Carroll ? Or both ?
  • Who will come in ?
  • How long until Barton gets his first red and/or remanded into custody again ?

Another one to throw in there:

– What about the strikers ? Good enough for the Prem ?
How about signing that bloke who looks like he’ll be surplus to requirement at Man U… no not him… they don’t have that sort of budget to sign blankfireBerba, I’m talking about…

Ok, Ok, I admit. I’m taking the piss now. Well the post was getting a bit serious and you know that if you want to discuss that sort of thing there are many better places than this one.

BUT BEFORE ALL THAT… They should allow themselves a least a few minutes to celebrate.

Hey… let’s have a party. Gazza’s got the tunes:

Gazza goes to the disco

Tempted to pun, but resisted.

» Gazza & Friends – Geordie Boys
» Newcastle United and Bobby Webber –
United, Newcastle United

Right that’s enough. Back to work.

One Reply to “Barcode Promotion”

  1. Gee, just realised that a) I haven’t checked this here place as regularly a sI should have (how else would I have missed a ‘barcode’ post, and b) I never really answered your questions in the first place.
    a) I got busy with other obesessions, and b) I was still trying to hold onto that bubble.
    Now that FCB has burst it (as expected) we might as well start worrying. Being East german, I know a thing or two about 5-year-plans.. and how they work out. A clue: Not.
    Still pondering questions 1 through 6.
    wild guess at the mo:
    What will Ashley do now? apparently stay, and put his foot in his mouth again. and have a good laugh at our expense.
    Will he invest? naaah.
    Will he try to sell again? if he had any sense he would, before he we’re a Championship club again. then again, not too many sheiks with spare money around…
    Will he replace Hughton? nope, couldn’t afford to.
    Who will leave? Taylor ad/or Carroll? Or both? neither,since we can’t afford replacements
    Who will come in? no one (worth writing a song about).. but a new ‘director of football’
    How long ’til Barton gets his first red and/or remand into custody? now THAT one I got TeeTotally wrong. weird, innit? Should he really have mended his ways?..
    naah. Just being daft, me.
    *rats, should have posted this instead of clogging your comment section. feel free to retaliate*

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