Gazza when he signed for Barnsley

Latest about the daft lad. Sadly he’s still ….as a brush.

Article via DigitalSpy:

‘Confused’ Gazza supports wrong team

Friday, March 14 2008, 12:15 GMT
By Beth Hilton, Entertainment Reporter

Paul Gascoigne reportedly celebrated Barnsley’s recent FA Cup win after forgetting he played for Burnley.

The Sun claims that the ex-footballer has been continuing to behave erratically since he was released from a psychiatric unit last Friday. He was sectioned 18 days earlier following an alleged drinks and drugs binge.

A friend is quoted as saying: “I gently reminded him it was Burnley he was with for a short time and he said, ‘No, it was Barnsley’. He was quite insistent.”

The source added that Gascoigne answers the door in an untied dressing gown with his genitals on show when friends visit his dad’s home in Gateshead.

The 40-year-old, who was placed on suicide watch after being admitted to hospital, also chain-smokes, twitches and puts on voices.

Doctors have predicted that he will require periodic treatment for his mental health issues for the rest of his life.

A hospital source said: “Gazza is almost certain to become a revolving door patient, spending years in and out of psychiatric hospitals. They’ll be in for a few weeks, get treated, improve and be released.

“After a few months they go downhill again.”

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