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You see ! You see ! This is why we have to Save 6 Music. If it wasn’t for Tom Robinson’s show we would have never heard about the following band.

Getting a mention here because of a footie connection obviously, but again if it wasn’t for 6 Music – where else on the radio would you hear them ? Nowhere that’s where !

Yes we have the world wide web now and can spread the word about a decent new band that way, but because of the number of outlets and the sheer size of the thing, where do you start to look ? We still need radio so that some of these bands get played, which in turn catches the ear of someone who then goes onto the web and…

My biggest fear after the late great John Peel passed away was that the Beeb would not keep, respect or preserve his legacy and with the threat of closure to 6 Music, this is exactly what is happening.

So please…help out to:

Save 6 Music

Mini-rant over, let’s get on to the actual footie & music…

It is with thanks to Beat The First Man who originally spotted this one.
The title of Chief Football and Music Scout is awarded to you sir.

I mentioned the other week about Norwich having a cause to celebrate at Easter time because there was a chance of them gaining promotion back up to the Championship by that Bank Holiday Monday. It didn’t happen then but it finally did last Saturday via a difficult away match against fellow ex-Championship (and also ex-Premier League) club Charlton Athletic.

DohertyIn the team that day was the long time Norwich City stalwart, Gary Doherty.

The Rep of Ireland international, as immortalised in the book One Ginger Pele (yes that’s where you heard it), has since joining Norwich when they were original in the Prem, played 198 games for them. He’s been a key figure in the Canaries defence ever since the manager Paul Lambert came to the club and immediately dropped him…

What happened was that after Brian Gunn was fired (*teeth grates*) and Lambert was brought in to replace him and his first act was to strip Doherty of the captaincy and bench him. But injuries hit the club and returned to the starting line-up in September 2009 against Leyton Orient. They won this match 4-0 and he kept his place ever since.

Now the presence of Doherty at Norwich City has been divisive one. After their relegation to League One some of the blame was appropriated towards him – and then last August he was nearly sold.

There is a new band from Norwich who’s lead singer is an big Canaries supporter. His favourite player is Gary Doherty and he went as far as creating a song about him.

This is via BBC News > Norfolk:

A Norfolk band have got on the ball to praise their favourite Norwich City player by recording a song. Footballer Gary Doherty has had a track dedicated to him by We Can’t Dance, who got together in October 2009.
We Can't Dance
The indie-punk band penned the number shortly after the club were relegated to League One.

“All the papers were giving Gary Doherty rubbish but he’s one of my favourite players,” said Harry Dawson, lead singer and guitarist. “He’s a bit like Marmite, people either love him or hate him but I’m one of those people who thinks he’s brilliant,” added the 19-year-old, who’s an avid Norwich City fan.

The band don’t know if their muse has heard the song yet, although it has been passed on to Norwich City FC.

“We hope he likes it,” said Harry, who lives in Dereham. “It’s really saying a massive well done for the season.”

» Full article

So here’s a couple of sampling of the ode to a League One central defender:

Gary Doherty single We Can't Dance - Gary Doherty (radio edit):

We Can't Dance - Gary Doherty (original version):

Stream only – Support this up&coming band by buying the Gary Doherty 4 track E.P.

More Information:

– We Can’t Dance on Facebook.

– We Can’t Dance on MySpace.

Additional: They will be playing live in a showcase with some other Norwich bands tomorrow night (April 21st) at The 100 Club on Oxford Street in London.

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  1. We as in the Irish football supports site liked the song so much we’ve decide we will try and get it to Number One in Ireland for the world Cup..a tall order perhaps..but you don’t need that many sales in Ireland to get to number one.

    facebook info, Make Gary Doherty Your Number 1 for the World Cup.

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