Forfar Four…. East Fife Five

A bit of football and comedy… No I’m not talking about the current England squad.

A couple of audio clips I stumbled across found when – as these things always happen – when I was looking for something else. Then after finding these clips I forgot what I went looking for in the first place.. Again doesn’t this always happen.

[From then and now]

Michael Bentine on Potty Time First one comes from one of the original Goons. One of the Fathers of our surreal British comedy. Michael Bentine had a 30 minute sketch show on the BBC called It’s A Square World

Bentine, Michael. The one that did all the crazy voices. Look him up.
You may remember him better for Michael Bentine’s Potty Time. Kids show with the hand puppets and Bentine did all their voices. Sadly I could only find one clip of the show on YouTube.


I don’t know if the clip is the full sketch of just an excerpt. There are CD’s on Amazon UK that have the track, but it doesn’t give any detail as to how long the sketch was. In either way…

» Michael Bentine with the football results

Next up: It wouldn’t be a footie/comedy post if I didn’t mention him » Big balls...little balls eh ? Marvelous

Not on YouTube but worth searching out – The one where they talk about Lineker.

Mitchell and Webb - Not sure which one is whichAnd Finally: If you’ve seen or heard any of the adverts done by $ky Sports for their football coverage…

Done by Mitchell and Webb and I’m not sure of the source, whether it was taken from their radio series or TV show.

» Mitchell and Webb – Watch the football !

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