For England and St George

For those of you who haven’t checked the calendar, today is St. Georges Day.

A statue of St George in Moscow

St George is not just England, but of Georgia and Moscow too. The above pic is from a World War II memorial in Moscow.

I wanted to find some appropriate music to go with this day. Thanks to the England teams various efforts (in the recording studio that is) there are a few to choose from.

But I also wanted to find something else, some non-footie&musical songs that are not jingoistic but still is a celebration of England and all things English.

So three variations on a theme starting with…


» Jerusalem (Traditional)


The Fat Les version of this, you can find here.

– Next we have a different take from Ralph McTell:

You know him, he’s the bloke who did Streets Of London.

Lastly an obvious one which I think is the third outing on F&M now:

The 1970 England team on Top Of The Pops

» England Squad – Oh Sweet England

Extra Time – a reposting of some England desktop wallpapers I did. Click on the image to view the full image.

1024x768 1024x768


2 Replies to “For England and St George”

  1. st, george says:

    “Hark Hark for the battle approaches,
    Prepare for the Combat of Life,
    St George be our Watchword in Battle,
    St George be our Strength in the Strife.”

    Anyone know the full lyrics?

  2. pete mcgowan says:

    i have three england songs,two footie one st george


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