There’s another England match coming up on Saturday and whilst this is an essential match, it isn’t quite a crucial one…

All depends on the results of course, but as you know things are more interesting when there’s a will/won’t they qualifying situation going on rather than a casual canter into the finals as we saw with the last World Cup.

Maybe if it was a bit closer and more nail biting people might take notice, because at the moment when you talk about the national team… no-one cares.

Club football has taken over. It is the Champions League now.   Tell me I’m wrong.

So on Saturday then… the timing of these things… but if this match was scheduled inside the regular season instead of after it, there’d still be complaints… These national/international matches have become an inconvenience now.

They’ll try to peak your interest for this game and indeed we should take notice. I’m sure that Wembley will be sold out, but I bet the television viewing figures will be down.

Not sure were I’ll be or if I’ll be able myself. But I know I’ll be looking for the latest score and the result.

Why is this then ? Is it because of the scheduling ? Or is it the opposition ? Maybe it’s because of the players….? *raises eyebrow*

The good thing is that he’s not playing because he made sure he kicked somebody in the last match and got a card, ensuring that he’s got himself an uninterrupted holiday. Plus there’s him with his long term injury.
But that one is still going to be there…

Ah you don’t care. You’ve stopped reading already. Where’s this bloody podcast then ?

The FootieAndMusic Podcast

A similar thing happened as it did with the previous podcast, so once again this edition comes in two flavours.

What happened was that I had some old England-related tunes and I tried to do some sort of England timeline, but with the music. I started with 1966 and added songs throughout the years, finishing at 2010. But this concept was too big, too much to do. Plus with the music too. The styles of the songs from way back then to now is obviously very different. So I’ve split the entire thing up and now bring you some England music sub-genres. The first one deals with the current subject at hand – the European Championships:

FootieAndMusic Podcast – England – The Euros:

  1. Barmy Army – England 2 Yugoslavia 0
  2. England Football Team (1988) – All the Way (On Yer Head Dub)
  3. Union – You Are The Number 1 (Vocal) ITV Football Euro 92
  4. Miriam Stockley – Jerusalem 96 (ITV Euro 96 Titles)
  5. [Audio] Gazza’s goal v Scotland Euro ’96
  6. Collapsed LungEat My Goal (Euro 96 Mix)
  7. [Audio] Shearer’s goal v Holland Euro ’96
  8. Baddiel and Skinner and Lightning Seeds – Three Lions (Jules Rimet Extended Mix)
  9. [Audio] Brian Moore commentary – “The full time whistle has blown, and what we have now… is extra time…”
  10. Black Grape – Englands Irie (Mel’s L.A. Irie Mix)
  11. The Farm – All Together Now (England Euro 2004 Mix)
» Footie And Music Podcast – England – The Euros

– As well as giving you something to listen to over the summer, here’s some Euro ’96 moments:
– Highlights of England v Scotland – and England v Holland.

Plus there’s a Baddiel & Skinners Euro 96 Fantasy Football Show, this edition was broadcast a few days after Germany knocked us out…
The guests on this show were AC Jimbo and Andy “can you tuck this down here for me?” Grey.
» Prt 1, Prt 2, Prt 3.

’66 & ’70:

This other pod looks at England and the World Cup in 1966 and 1970. It features some very traditional sounding songs. I may repost this when the WC Qualifiers come around again, but posting now because it’s ready now.
I’ve called it:

FootieAndMusic Podcast – England – Orchestral Brass:

  1. John Schroeder Orchestra – The Britannia March
  2. Lonnie Donegan – World Cup Willie
  3. [Audio] BBC Radio commentary – Geoff Hurst goals
  4. Roy Hudd – The Day We Won The Cup
  5. Unknown – England, That’s The Team For Me
  6. England 1970 Squad – Back Home
  7. [Audio] Commentary – Bobby Moore’s tackle on Pele at 1970 World Cup
  8. [Audio] Commentary – Gordon Banks save against Pele
  9. England Supporters – Oh Sweet England How We Love You
  10. John Schroeder Orchestra – On The Ball
  11. England 1970 Squad – Make Me An Island
  12. [Audio] Advert – Bobby and Tina Moore in the pub

» Footie And Music Podcast – England Orchestral Brass

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