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These days you don’t have the time to listen to the pundits on the radio, but you don’t need to tune in anymore to get your kicks on 606 (*groans*), thanks to the interweb you can get your occasional, weekly or if you are really addicted, daily fix with some football podcasts.

A guide to what is available online:

The best of the best is the Guardian Football Weekly with James Richardson.
He of the old Football Italia on Channel 4 and now on Sentanta Sport, complete with his puns can be heard every Monday – and now every Thursday too.*
*An exception for this week – the Football Weekly Extra will be posted on Wednesday to cover the Champions League.

Guardian Football Weekly PodcastHave a listen to today’s (Mon 27th Aug) edition below:

(Click on James’ bonce to go to the website)

– Next up is The Times Online, who last season had Danny Kelly (previously of that late night telly version of a sports/footie phone-in on Channel 4) but have dropped him for this new season in favour of Gab Marcotti (Talksport and Sky Sports) with Guillem Balague (Spanish sports writer, a big pal of Rafa’s.) They don’t seem to have a regular weekly schedule sorted as of yet. Last posted pod was on August 17th. Click the banner below to go to the site and to listen to the last one:

The Times Online Football Podcast

Fan Banta

– Another occasional one, not updated for a week or so is a footie fan website, which does as it says on the box – FanBanta. They have comedians and big footie fans Kevin Day and Mark Webster have a banter about the game and in the one linked to the left – talk to Peter Shilton about England’s problems between the sticks.

If you really luv yer footie and want a daily dose…

There is a quick and dirty summary/update of the day’s action via the Radio 5 Live and their 5Live Football Daily. Click on the image/link below:

Five Live Football Daily

World Soccer Daily – Or if you want a longer pod (2 hours) and a different view on things, try this one from a couple of ex-pats now living in the the USA.
World Soccer Daily is a radio show that can be heard on Sirus Satellite radio. Broadcast every day between 10-12 Pacific Time (8 hours behind the UK). Since they are in the same place these two big gobbed presenters talk about Derek and the LA Galaxy, plus the MLS, the Premier League and everything else so..ccer. They take calls from other Brit Expats and any US Americans and like such as… interested in the game. Click the image to the right to go to the site.

They don’t have a link to their mp3 on the site, you have to either:
-> Subscribe via ITunes (Not recommended, that ITunes stuff is a scam. You can only download and listen on their sofware/hardware, can’t transfer and listen on any other mp3 player)

–> Subscribe to their RSS Feed. * (Recommended. You don’t have to download any software, can listen anywhere. – Grab their RSS Feed and then go to and enter in the link there. Once you’ve done that you can then click to listen to or to download the file.)

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