There’s only one person you think of when you see those two words…

Bob Marley

 Excerpts taken from The Wailing Wailers website. 
Bob Marley loved football. It was his second passion after the music "I love music before I love football. If I love football first maybe can be dangerous.I love music and then football after. Playing football and singing is dangerous, because the football get very violent. I sing about peace love and all of that stuff, and something might happen yunno. If a man tackle you hard it bring feelings a war. [laugh] " August 1980.
Bob never played in club, but in school in Trenchtown. When he was young he could played football with anythings like can, an orange peel, sometimes he came home very late in the night after a football match…

“…Favorite players of Marley were Pele, Oswaldo Ardiles, Maradonna also when he start in national team of Argentina, In 1978, the Kaya Tour was the great moment footballistic of the Bob Marley’s career. All was designed to follow the World cup to Argentina, to the great displeasure of the medias. In the bus there was a tv to watch the matches, Bob watched matches without sound because he didn’t like the comments. This year, the world cup was raised by Argentina. Bob was an admirer of the Latin game…”

Excerpt from a documentary – Bob Marley and football, plus a journalist asks Bob if he saw the World Cup (1978):

…Danny Baker a renowned English soccer radio and television announcer at the time, played with Marley at Battersea Park in London in 1977 and saw on him the qualities to be a professional jamaican footballer.
That urban myth about Danny contributing to the death of Bob Marley obviously not true.

Sadly he never sang about the Jamaican national team, or of Pele or any of them. But some others did:

» Starting with this bloke who… yes you’ve just thought the same thing- “That can’t be Bob Marley ?!”

Fredi Marley

No obviously not. But this is where it gets weirder. Did you know that reggae was popular in Indonesia ? Well it is and the gentleman pictured above performs as Fredi Marley. He’s not related to Bob at all, he was born in Bali, but that’s a bloody good resemblance and no surprise that he does reggae songs.

And the football and music connection ? There’s this one song which is called “Ale Hitam” (which is also another name for Fredy, it mean “The Black Ale”) and in Indonesia it is known as the football song. For what reason I cannot find, but in all my research every time I looked up this tune I always found the word “football” attached to it.

» Fredy Marley – Ale Hitam – Football Song

» Clement Bushay is a UK-based record producer and in 1972 under the name Clement Bushay Set released this single, which as you’ll hear celebrates Derby County winning the top division, ahead of Leeds United:

» Clement Bushay Set – Football Reggae

» In his autobiography Paul Canoville (Chelsea’s first ever black player) mentioned this next song.
Paul Canoville quote

» Dennis Alcapone – World Cup Football

And the B side:

» Dennis Alcapone – Dub It Football

And finally for now – the most well known football and reggage music song. Mostly associated with Chelsea, although I have seen a couple of other clubs claim it.

» Harry J Allstars – The Liquidator

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