I’m sick and tired of seeing the word soccer when it is, always been and always will be Football.

How Soccer Explains The World My Father and Other Working Class Football Heroes

Whilst I'm here - two recommendations - the left for any septics, the right for Blighty.

To illustrate my point in the traditional F&M way… » »


» Woog Riots – Football Round The Clock
Part of their bio: “In the fast rotating indie-subworld inhabited by the German-Italian Woog Riots, it’s just a quick short-cut from riotpop / garagefolk to twee-rave and dance-punk! The band began their pop career in 2004 by compiling a tribute album for iconic Manchester band “The Fall”, which featured eclectic European and transatlantic contributions highly appreciated by John Peel.”

» Chimp Eats Banana – Football
They sound like The Fall. I found this bit about them via Wikipedia: “Chumbawamba were formed in Burnley in 1982 with an initial line-up of Allan “Boff” Whalley, Danbert Nobacon (born Nigel Hunter) and Midge, all three previously of the band Chimp Eats Banana…”

» Club 8 – Football Kids
Part of their bio: “Club 8 was formed in 1995 by Karolina Komstedt (from the band Poprace) and Johan Angergård (Acid House Kings, Poprace). They made simple bedroom recordings of their three first songs and sent them to their ten favourite labels. The response was just as immediate as it was good with half of the labels wanting to release the band. Club 8 chose the Spanish label Siesta where they released their debut single…”


» Parry Gripp – Soccer Ball
Funny tongue in cheek (and ball to face) song done by Parry Gripp. Nothing more is known about him/them than that.   Oh and there's a video too.

» The Posh – Soccer Boppers
A small bit of splurge I found: “Posh were a late 90s London band: Pippa Brooks, James Dearlove, Richard Evans, Played everywhere, appeared at Wembley and on the Big Breakfast with Zig and Zag.”

» Group X – You Would Give Me Kiss If I Were On Soccer Team
This is from Wikipedia: “Gröûp X (also known as Gröûp X: Arabian Rap Sensations) is a faux Arabian rock band from Georgia (US state) but claiming to be from the fictional village of Cramshananteen, Saudi Arabia. They play a mix of rap and rock. They are known for using comically accented and mangled English and a vaguely hostile (yet satirical) attitude towards the United States and Americans…”Oh and Albino Black Sheep has this excellent flash animation video.

So now you’ve heard the evidence. Take the vote »

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EXTRA TIME: If further evidence is needed – a couple of reposts:

» Edmundo Ross – Exotic Football Calypso of 1953

» Jess Conrad & Tanya Tenola – Soccer Superstar

I rest my case.

Normal service, etc, etc...will resume/when I have the time.

Update: As suggested by Jack in the comments below – a reposting of a tune that sits on the fence in this debate:

» Real Sounds of Africa – Soccer Fan

2 Replies to “Football or Soccer – Time To Decide”

  1. You missed the chance to repost Real Sounds of Africa’s ‘Soccer Fan’.

    ‘I am a football fan, I am a soccer fan…’

  2. Yawn, another “its football not soccer” rant from someone hailing from the land where the word was invented. Quick- which nation has a TV show called “Soccer AM”?

    It mystifies me why this bothers British people so much. Where’s the anger over Americans calling elevators something other than lifts or calling a flat an apartment? Lorries, trucks, tellies, TVs, etc etc etc.

    When an American says “soccer” you know what he or she means, big deal. Its like arguing whether to call it sex or fucking. Who cares?

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