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I was saying...

The first chance for the fans… which is a misnomer because of what they’ll be doing… to boo the England team in a few hours. Many of the hacks in their published articles asking what’s the point of booing, the players knew that their performance in South Africa was dismal. But the “England fans” don’t have access to a newsroom and this is their way of showing their disapproval. Winter and his cohorts post their opinions online (and I hear they still have this print version). The “fans” will travel a few miles, spend money on petrol, food and upwards of 50 quid on tickets so this is their chance.

I suspect that the F.A. will actually encourage and approve the sale of vuvuzela’s at Wembley tonight.

I admit I’m still very jaded over the whole thing myself. After their ignominious exit and after what was, apart from a couple of matches, a poor World Cup. It is still summer and the sun is still shining… at least where I am… and my head is still not back in the game yet.

As it will be in a few hours for a few players. In this pointless friendly (a phrase often used every time one of these games are arranged) against Hungary and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s also a boring pointless draw.

Getting back to the players and the fans and the booing. This will happen for the first 20 minutes.
They will expect it. Gerrard knows it. He’s said that if he was one of those in the crowd he would too.
The hotheaded Rooney has retracted his statement after the outburst above after the Algeria match.
He’s not going to like it but he’s going to still be on the receiving end tonight. But if he bags a couple then he knows that it will go away. All is forgiven. Let’s look forward to the Euro 2012 qualifiers.

– The first matches for that are in only a couple of weeks and one week after the new Premiership season has started. Now the timing of these qualifiers… No sorry, can’t moan about. Deal with it.
England are in group G and they’ll be playing Bulgaria on Sept 3rd and then Switzerland (who were the only team to beat Spain at the World Cup) a few days later on Sept 9th. More details here.

Before that there’s thid Hungary match and the site of Bobby Zamora partnering Rooney up front ?
He’s looking forward to playing and has said that he can be the new Heskey – but with goals.

Football in the groin

No I am being cruel. I don’t know why that Zamora still isn’t taken seriously. It could still be some remembrance of the (spoof) song done about him, but he does know how to find the net.

To the music…

Because of their exit in the competition I never got the opportunity to post more England songs.
A good thing I hear you saying. I agree with you. There was so much…. out there.

But there was one act, somebody who has a bit of history that I wanted to post a mention.
This was a one-hit-wonder but is a song that when you hear again you’ll immediately remember.

– I’m doing the opposite of how I usually do this, with the well known song first.
Now this song was done in a storytelling format. The story was a mundane one with an unexpected subject, but as you will hear it is a song about a broken heart.

The story goes that there’s this taxi driver who is given a pick up… no stay with me… but the address of who to pick up is the one where is girlfriend lives. The one who he’s just broken up with.
In the track you will hear the conversation between the dispatcher and the driver:

Driver 67 - Paul Phillips » Driver 67 – Car 67

The song stayed in the charts for 12 weeks and reached number 7 in February of 1979.
Here is Driver 67 performing the song on ToTP all those years ago:

Driver 67 is Paul Phillips. There was a bit of controversy with the content of the follow-up single, which was about a trucker menacing a lone girl on a back road. The Beeb refused to play it. After this Phillips went into journalism and became a magazine publisher.

Then a few months ago because of the official England song vacuum, went into the studio to record new lyrics onto his old tune:

From the Terraces » From The Terraces – Goal 67

It goes a bit wobbly in the middle but is still a solid tune. Out of date now because of the specific lyrics.

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