He’s … Crazy, He’s … Mad

Oh all right then a couple more…

The three stages of Gazza

I stumbled across this Guardian article from 2004. In it the Grauniad hack Simon Hattenstone followed Gazza around when he was doing a book signing tour for his then newly released autobiography Gazza: My Story.

In the article he talks about the short period of time where he found himself in China.
Obviously the Chairman of Kettering didn’t see this before employing him a couple of years later.

…”I enjoyed the programme in China, Paul, any thoughts of going back there.”

“Nae son, going up the road for a Chinese is enough for me now.”

A BBC crew followed him through his four months playing for Gansu Tianma in China. It made for a heartbreaking documentary. He thought he was just going out to play, but when he got there he was reminded that he had agreed to coach the team as well. This led to a horrible panic attack. We saw his face turn red as he struggled to breathe. “Just feeling trapped,” he said. “Got shakes and everything. Can’t get me breath and we’re training in 10 minutes. I can’t hear anything, can’t breathe. I feel as if I want to cry and I cannae.”

They talk about people in the game having a footballing brain. He had one out on the pitch, but it didn’t translate to the sideline.

» The Spinners – Football Crazy

The song was written many, many years before the daft lad but it has very prophetic lyrics »

The Spinners - Football Crazy lyrics

This next one is by a group of West Ham fans:

» The Boleyn Boys – Football Mad

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