Football Calypso

This is it. This is the reason why I started the website up to go with the predicts.

Well actually it’s not the reason but it’s a reason.
(How this got started was that I was looking for any YouTube clips of any footie teams singing their FA Cup final songs. That idea then spun off into doing a site about Footie and Music.)

Anyhoddles… One of the Prediction League players, MickMills played a blinder yesterday and found a couple of clips which I’ve saved for future use.
And they are good ones. Stay tuned to this station for publication of those. But it isn’t those which put me on alert, it was because – as these things always seem to happen – I was searching for something else in relation to Mick’s find and stumbled on something else quite unexpected but it is a gold mine. Pure footieandmusic gold !

Boot Sale Sounds is…

“A music blog , mainly featuring records and tapes found at boot sales, charity shops and flea markets. Mainly comedy, novelty and odd items that are hard to catagorise.”

What he has created here is a curious archive of some collectable things. (Currently on the blog is some clips of Tommy Cooper and Max Wall – both singing some tunes.)

And what got me excited was from a forgotten footie and song-related CD released in 1991.
Now these sort of CD’s have been released before. Cherry Red Records have CD’s for sale with songs from or influenced by nearly every footie team. But they don’t have this diamond in the rough.

What the Boot Sale Sounds found and posted on their blog is a CD called “Bend It ! 91″

Bend It 91 cover
Bend It! 91 cover
Bend It 91 insert
Bend It! 91 insert

On the disc you don’t find the usual early 90’s ravey-disco-ravey samba acid tunes, but old and very classic recordings including Peter Osgood and the 1970 Chelsea team. But it’s not just footie players. There’s a recording of Gracie Fields singing about football.

But the one stand out song for me, which Boot Sale Sounds provided, was a track recorded in 1953 by artists unknown. On the record they are doing a Football Calypso !

(Ah man some quality lyrics there…)
» Unknown Artist – Football Calypso

I can guarantee that you are singing along with the chorus right now. It is that catchy.

The other songs that Boot Sale Sounds provided…

» MSV Duisberg – Zebra Twist
(At the very end you’ll hear a clip of an advert from that bloke who did the air attack warnings doing a plug for the 1970 World Cup and then somebody saying: “pass…pass.. always pass…”)

» Peter Osgood and the 1970 Chelsea team – Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
(The song is introduced by Alan Hudson. Unfortunately it is not the whole song, only 2 mins of it.)

» Gracie Fields – Pass, Shoot, Goal !
(Really old. Recorded in 1931)


Whilst trying to find out more information about the CD I found a Japanese website which scans of the CD, the track listings and some of the text. Lots of details there.
Plus if you are fluent in Japanese there is a link to the Amazon Japan website where you can still buy it ! Oh if only I could… This looks like a collectors item.

…football football…

3 Replies to “Football Calypso”

  1. Robert says:

    Football Calypso is by Edmundo Ros (born Trinidad, grew up Venezuela, eventually moved to England)

  2. Trainer Baade says:

    Thanks for your fantastic website. The club in Germany is called MSV Duisburg nevertheless. The town’s name refers to a castle, not to a mountain …

    And is it intentionally that the Zebra Twist is missing as a sound file?


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