Football and Music

After our summer break, we return with this pre-season friendly.

This is a gentle run out with the majority of the content being sourced from the same place: Bandcamp.

If you are an aspiring musician this is an excellent place to post your music. I’ve discovered some great tunes, such as the post with a collection of songs on the same subject: The World Cup. There’s also Charlie Hipwell’s beautiful song about The Beautiful Game. So then here are some more finds:

» Starting with a French band called Mascarade who describe themselves as hip hop rockers. They have a few F&M tunes which are worth a listen:

  • This is called Rien n’a foot (Nothing in football):

Update: Thanks to @weloveallthat for letting me know about the band’s pun on words with the album & single title.

  • This is Pas un hymne de foot! (Not a football anthem !):

They also have a song called Le Football c’est violand. The word “violand” doesn’t translate, but judging by that video they mean violence..?

  • Lastly from them is J’aime bien l’foot (I love the football):
 You can download all these tunes via: 
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» Next we have John MOuse… That’s not a typo, that’s how it is styled.

“John MOuse has been described as the following… The Welsh Beck, Kurt Wagner with sexual issues, A cross between a more aggressive Art Brut, and a less funny Half Man Half biscuit. Sam Rockwell, Mossop from the Riddlers.”

There’s also a description of this one track he’s released which goes on a bit. Here’s just the first paragraph:

Welsh Indie-pop outfit John MOuse return with their new single, ‘I Was A Goalkeeper’.

Once again working with members of dour pop outfit Prince Edward Island “Goalkeeper” is ladened with guitar hooks straight off a Goals Of The Season Montage and a tune reminiscent of The Banana Splits, this sparky duet between John and Gareth David (lead singer from Los Campesinos) is an anthem to childhoods past and the bonding power of soccer.
‘I Was A Goalkeeper’ is the title track from John MOuse’s forthcoming 4th album, available as a download on 26th May via Crocfingers. ‘Goalkeeper’ marks John’s first new material since 2010’s acclaimed Humber Dogger Forties.

The tune itself is quite catchy and well worth a quid:


Once upon a time we went outside rain or shine, at dinner time we’d stay inside only for a short while. Then go outside, by the mountain side, I’d play in goals, those tree’s they were our goalposts. You said it’s mad seeing you here, pushing prams in our park, you don’t live near.

I am a father, we were just kids, lets reminisce.
I was a goalkeeper then everyone grew tall.

We were the best of friends, and now we’re just two young men. Maybe we could just pretend that we are friends.

Why you back? I can see you back, there in goals kicking balls those trees were our goalposts. I can see you standing there, and i can’t believe it, and i can’t believe it. I thought you’d never ever come back home.

I am a father, we were just kids, lets reminisce.
I was a right winger then everyone left home.

We were the best of friends, and now we’re just two young men. Maybe we could just pretend that we are friends.

We are friends.

Additional – There’s a video:

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» Lastly for now here’s something from the Scotia band Carnivores, their sound is like… well the nearest description to them would be Black Flag.
Their song is called, Scottish Football:

The official video, extended with lots of extra bits:

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