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The F&M Selection BoxJust going through the draw, clearing things out and posting the remaining song that have a vague footie + music + Chrimbo connection.

Before I add these a reminder of some from this time last year:

» Emlyn Hughes and Suzanne Dando – but not in the way you imagine. This one is so sugary and sticky it… well ok maybe like you think.

» Half Man Half Biscuit – the official F&M musical team (because without them… not much of this would have been possible) – All they want is that Dulka Prague away kit.

-> So now here is a new Footie & Musical Xmas section:

» Pete Green, previously featured on here for his Ballad of Phil Jevons has a tribute to the seasonal weather:

Pete Green » Pete Green – Everything’s Dead Pretty When It Snows

More info


It’s Christmas Eve lunchtime and I,
I’m sat in this office all by
myself, cos I drew the short straw
and have to remain here just for
the service of clients who may
phone up for insurance today
My boss said that’s how business goes
but everything’s dead pretty when it snows,
everything’s dead pretty when it snows.

My mates are preparing to down
their bottles of Newcastle Brown
and as they continue to sup
I picture their faces light up
It’s three hours early, but hey
there’s no way that I’m gonna stay
It’s time for this business to close
cos everything’s dead pretty when it snows,
everything’s dead pretty when it snows.

(festive guitar solo)

It snows but I feel warm as toast
looking out for the ones I love most
and as I walk through the pub door
their faces all light up some more
It’s Christmas Eve teatime and I,
at last I’m remembering why
at Christmas time everything glows
cos everything’s dead pretty when it snows,
everything’s dead pretty when it snows.

» The Sultans of Ping FC – also previously featured for Give Him A Ball (And A Yard Of Grass), but more for “Where’s Me Jumper ?” – have this chewy festive one…

Sultans of Ping FC » Sultans of Ping FC – Xmas Bubblebum Machine

» Saint Etienne. Not featured on here before, but added because of their name… they might have done some footie-related material because of their name… I’ll have to do some research on that… Have this one (a duet with The Charlatans Tim Burgess) which was written by Bob Stanley because he was born on the same day as the saviour. So was me mate Niki – so Happy Birthday to you as well Veggie !

Saint Etienne » Saint Etienne – I Was Born On Christmas Day

Out On Blue Six has an in-depth look at the song.

Don’t forget the video too.

If these are still not enough to fill you up then have a look through the December 2007 F&M Archive – or go over to Twohundredpercent who’s got more footie and music. Some which I’ve posted here already, some I have not.

Extra Time:
No you can’t me me do it. I don’t wanna… Alright then…

– This one is for Santa Working Overtime, a blog which sent a few visitors my way the other day:

» The Muppets – One More Sleep ‘Til Christmas

– –

Ok I know it’s clichéd, but after listening to that I am cynical now.

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  1. jc says:

    Belated Xmas greetings.

    Thanks for all the entertainment you’ve given us over the past 12 months.

    More power to yopur fingertips.


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