Was going to just write about a wonderful double single but decided to expand to the entire output of this one record label which was specifically set up just to release football songs…

The name of the label is the title of the post, an amalgamation of two football terms. It was an offshoot of Guided Missile records which as mentioned was set up just for these singles.

Between 1995 and 1998 this spin-off venture released a grand total of just four 7″ singles. They were:


Donkey – AFC Donkey Salute The Magic Of AFC Ajax Amsterdam ‎

Donkey existed between 1992 and 1997. In that time they released two albums and four 7 inch singles., and released tracks on various compilation albums. Formed by Ajay Saggar, the band were a favourite of John Peel who gave them a session in 1995.

In fact Guided Missile recording was started solely to release music by this artist and eventually the label became an established well known indie name. They released material from the band Bis amongst others.

You can buy this single (in praise of Ajax) via Bandcamp.


Cha Cha 2000 ‎– Tired Legs At The End Of The Game / Trout – Green And White

This was the first double A side release by the Flighted Miskick label. Cha Cha 2000 were Mick Derrick and Pat Marsden from the band Prolapse / Trout were a band from Glasgow that existed between 1995-97. The single was a tribute to Celtic F.C.

John Peel as you know loved his football and music and gave an airing to all the label releases including the Cha Cha 2000 track on his show from 28th August 1997:


Scousemartins Featuring Terry Edwards – Head Up High / LFC 303 – Commence Operation Anfield Exercise

It looks like the Scousemartins was formed for the purpose of recording this track, as you will see on the cover, to raise funds for the Hillsborough Family Support Group. Terry Edwards, a noted musician who has played with many other artists as well as a few Peel Sessions, added his talents to the song. / From what I found via Discogs, the LFC303 track was by a Liverpool lad Andy Weir recording under the name Lava. Sadly I have to report that he passed away sometime in the 1990’s.

Featured here is the Terry Edwards contribution:

(If you are wondering what LFC303 song title is all about – if you are a regular at Anfield you will know)


Superlove – Cardiff City Football Club / Teen Anthems – Swansea City

The last release on the Flighted Miskick label is possibly the best one and like the above it was a double single. The Cardiff track is from a band using a pseudonym. Their real moniker is a familiar name if you know your Welsh bands: Helen Love. They were a favourite of John Peel’s and the band released a tribute song to him after he passed away. Their song to Cardiff FC is done in their usual bubblegum/punk/pop Joey Ramone style, with the added bonus of using the riff from the Banana Splits “Tra La La” theme tune.

The AA side with a tune about Swansea City is from “Teen Anthems” which the producer and arranger John William Davies is behind. His usual style is tongue-in-cheek with songs such as I Hate Oasis (And I Hate The Beatles) and: Paul Weller=Anti-Christ. You can read more about that output on the Babylon Wales blog.

As the mighty 45Football says: ” I have no idea why this single is still available for no money on Discogs.” And he is right. This should be a highly sort after collectable. Football and music perfection right here.

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