Fill Yer Boots !

Got an email from a regular visitor who’s got a blog of his own and he’s posted some footie and music:

Name:: carrascus



I writed a post on my blog about football and music. Looking for information, I come to your blog now and them. I want to thank some information contributed, and I want also to say hello and invite you to read my resulting post.

…The text is in Spanish, sorry…

Best wishes.

Hello Carrascus great to hear from you !

F&M obviously posts mostly English language footie/musical songs and occasionally I do some non-English stuff [eg: Brolin, Ronaldinho] but because of the language barrier I have trouble researching and finding more songs, more information for other overseas musical footballing outputs.

But now we now have more discoveries.

I found the post on his Bloggin’ In The Wind site that concerns the footie&music and holy crap look at that !

Bloggin in the wind

Carrascus has posted on one page what would be a 6 month output for me !

He’s got some legendary players on there who I never knew took to the mic either during or post their footballing careers.

Names such as Johan Cruyff, Arnold Muhren, Beckenbauer and is that… Maradonna..? And there… is it really Pele… singing…?
Oh wait there’s more – the bloke who plays for Blackburn, there also Jay Jay Okocha and yes even Drogba.

The google translation of the page gives me a good idea of what he’s posted and helps me research further onto each of them.

So thank you again Carrascus for contacting me, I’ll add a permanent link to your place somewhere on Football and Music.
And you as well dear reader, make sure you make regular visits over there too.

In the future I’ll feature some songs originally posted by Bloggin’ In The Wind but for now I’ll highlight a couple of familiar names who were in the Prem a couple of seasons ago and both of them may actually return »

Djibril Cissé once of Liverpool now of Marseille but maybe back in the North West (he still owns land in Cheshire and is married to a Brit) has a go at some house music with an afro beat with this curiously titled single:

» Dijbril Cisse – Shake by Play ‘mo Bitch

– Next up is Jay Jay Okocha previously of Bolton Wanderers and now playing up front for Hull, who have a decent chance of getting into the Prem for next season. Whether the 34 year-old veteran will be still with them then remains to be seen.
His attempt at the charts was released in 1994 and it is another curiously entitled tune:

» Jay Jay Okocha – I I Am Am Jay Jay

One Reply to “Fill Yer Boots !”

  1. carrascus says:

    Woooowwww!!! Thanks a lot, my friend.

    Like a good lover of music and football, I’ll come to see you site many many times…

    By the way… Boro rules!!!

    I’m Sevilla FC supporter… obvious…

    See you.


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