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Lately I’ve been in a funk F&M wise… Oh you’ve noticed… I just wasn’t feeling it, especially this week.

I’ve still got hundreds, if not thousands songs about football and music to write about. In fact I actually wrote down a list of a few items I wanted to post. But as I said.. meh…

I think that it’s because I didn’t have a break after the World Cup and before the season began again so I’m tired. I need to get away to that Nike place in Portland.

As I traipsed back into the dressing room, there was A North Country Bhoy who gave a rousing half time team talk and I was so inspired that I now run back out on the pitch with a renewed passion !

ANCB didn’t actually say anything directly or specifically to me. It was because of one of his posts about a musical act and seeing their name reminded me of something I have in the vaults…

The artists in question are known for their breakbeats, techno, drum and bass & any other style that they care to throw in. They are Fila Brazillia.

But it’s not just them, there’s another act involved in this story too. Their area was progressive house and acid jazz, they were on the Boys Own label in the mid-90’s… They are the Ballistic Brothers.

Arakatuba…and it doesn’t end there… I’m beginning to sound like Jools Holland now... one more group to throw in this mix – they are from South America and they add the samba sound to this beat. The one and only Arakatuba.

Ok enough with the long introduction, let’s get on with the music…

Have you ever thought to yourself – “I wonder if somebody has done an album about an entire team…”   Well you mightn’t of, but I have.

That musing was answered yesterday after I was perusing A North Country Bhoy’s.. *ahem…slightly unfortunate use with the sentence there… blog and was looking at the entry into.. alright stop that now… about Fila Brazillia. The exotically sounding dance act from err… Hull.

They are noted mixers most famously having done a Radiohead track [Climbing Up The Walls] – plus not as well known, but they also remixed a Collapsed Lung (which as you know the F&M connect with Eat My Goal), song as well…

…Not to mention producing their own material too.

It wasn’t that one which got me stirred up though, it was because of something from all three acts mentioned above – Arakatuba & Ballistic Brothers & Fila Brazillia. I spotted a collaboration between all of them and because this site is football and music you know where this is going…

The main featured act of this football and musical trio though is Arakabuba who it is difficult finding much information about. As far as I can tell they are a latin beats, samba band from Brazil who are signed and record for a UK label – Mr Bongo:

Mr Bongo records“From humble beginnings in the London basement of Daddy Kool’s reggae shop on Berwick Street, Mr Bongo is now seen as the standard bearer for Latin music outside the Americas. With regular imports from Latin America, Cuba and the USA to our store, we brought the Latin and Brazilian sound to discerning listeners across Europe, establishing a core interest which has since gone from strength to strength.”

It was in 1996 that (hailing from Brazil but are based in London) Arakatuba released an album and not just any old album. On this LP each track is about a Brazilian football player.

Side note: I remembered that a year ago now I did a Brazil theme and for one week everything was about Pelé. In that Pelé week I actually posted an instrumental track done by Arakatuba about him.

Little did I know until yesterday that the Pele track was only the tip of the iceberg…

Brazilian ExplosionThe album Brazil Explosion has more instrumentals by Arakatuba, plus remixes from the likes of Kenny Dope, Box Saga, Soul Generation and Faze Action. As well as the aforementioned Fila Brazillia and Ballistic Brothers.

The names of the tracks on the album are: “Felix, Junior, Carlos Alberta, Josimar, Eder, Pele, Dunga, Riva, Jarzinho, Zico” – and 11 short snippets entitled: “Rivelinho, Rivelinho 1, Rivelinho 2, Rivelinho 3…etc, etc…”   which are all useful for a DJ with sampling.

– I’ve selected a couple of remix/collaboration tracks to highlight here:

» Arakatuba and Box Saga – Junior [Bio]

» Arakatuba and Fila Brazillia – Josimar [Bio]
» Arakatuba/Soul Generation – Carlos Alberta [Bio]

» Arakatuba & Ballistic Brothers – Pele

» Purchase the entire album from Amazon UK or Amazon USA.

Additionally… A track not on the album, the one which I first spotted that got me started on all this:

» Arakatuna, Ballistic Brothers, Fila Brazillia – Sócrates

Extra Time:

A couple of selections from the above artists on their own and in their own right:

Ballistic Brothers
» Ballistic Brothers – Come On (Simon Templar Mix)
Fila Brazillia
» Fila Brazillia – It’s A Knockout

…From a North Country Bhoy to Fila Brazillia to Arakatube to Brazil to Ballistic Brothers…

– Find out more about Fila Brazillia here.
– Find out more about Ballistic Brothers here.

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