I know, I’m doing my best to ruin what is supposed to be a seasonal celebration.
But hey don’t shoot the messenger, it’s the piano player you should be looking for.

This former lounge singer just does not know when. to. stop.
He continues to assault our senses when he breaks the third taboo (football and CHRISTMAS music) when he once again roped in that Bavarian club, plus he must have had some good blackmail on their parents because he got a childrens choir involved in this next one:

FC Bayern - Andrew White - Tolzer Knabenchor
"That's some nice photoshopping there Lou "

I’m being unkind, not getting into the Crimbo spirit and all that. I think it’s because I’ve been exposed to these footballers doing Xmas music. There should be some sort of ruling against it. I mean the Church always launch a vehement protest against anything that doesn’t fit their thinking, so why don’t we see any demonstations about this ?

Down with this sort of thing

Ok that was a weak lead in/excuse to post that pic. On with the music and actually… skip the first one and listen to the next one. Herr Weitz and the Bayern boys almost redeem themselves.

» White/FC Bayern – Merry Christmas Time

» Andew White/FC Bayern – Stille Nacht

I’m still not done yet ! One more posting and then we’ll never speak of this again.

One Reply to “FC Bayern And Christmas Music”

  1. yay! how did you know I hate Christmas and pick the appropriate music… 🙂
    if I don’t get sick from to omuch Lebkuchen and Glühwein these tunes will most certainly do the trick 🙂
    but as logn as Bayern stay where they are that’s okay…

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