Just getting that in before Five Live claim it.

The 2010 South Africa World Cup mascot

No you are not still high on crack, that is a picture of a couple of birds playing with the balls of the 2010 South Africa World Cup mascot. He is called Zakumi and he is a leopard.

So let the hype begin.

If you want to get yourself in the mood then there’s some very nice 2010 World Cup wallpapers here.

– and I’ll do my bit to stir things up with the following:

Air Miami were a band, unsurprisingly, from Miami. The song “World Cup Fever” was originally featured on the band’s full-length debut, Me, Me, Me, in 1995. The song was inspired by the 1994 World Cup and then in 1998 – in time for the WC in France, they released an EP with various remixes.  » More info

Air Miami » Guy Fixen Mix

» Mac Mccaughan Mix

» The Sun Was Invented To Shine On Skyscrapers Mix

» Trevor Kampmann Mix

» Demolition Recording

» Pitch Recognition Mix

Extra Time – A bonus song for you:

» Air Miami – Adidas My Ass (Demo)

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