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To quote the album title: Everybody else is doing it, so why can’t we…?

The idea for this came from my other gig over at #KeepingItPeel, which was set up to commemorate John Peel with a #keepingitpeel day on October 25th, but I’ve filled in the time between then with a series of podcasts.

An idea I have for a future special edition of the #KIP podcasts, since he was a huge Liverpool fan, is for one where Peelie gives a mention to football on his show and/or any football-related tune that he might have played.
I then thought about this site and…

Announcing the first in a new (occasional) series of FootieAndMusic podcasts.

With this inaugural pod the theme I chose was Starting XI and the original idea was to compile a group of songs done about players in each position. I soon discovered though that there are plenty of tunes done about strikers, obviously, but not all that many about left backs or holding midfielders.

I then made a further discovery with the songs I selected for this pod in that they fell into two genre’s. I’m using a broad description here, but these tracks sounded either “punk” or “dance” music.

At first I mixed both types together, but they gel. Which is probably no surprise. So for this 1st edition of the F&M pods there are two versions. You choose which you’d like to listen to and if you want to put them together.

The majority of the tracks have been posted here on F&M previously, do a search if you want further information.

Starting XI (Punk)

  1. Chumbawumba – Good Afternoon And Welcome To White Hart Lane
  2. HMHB- Bob Wilson, Anchorman
  3. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Tony Adams
  4. Serious Drinking – Bobby Moore Was Innocent
  5. The Hitchers – Strachan
  6. We Can’t Dance – Gary Doherty
  7. Super Furry Animals – The Man Don’t Give A
  8. Chumbawumba – Geoff Hurst’s Goal
  9. Mexico 70 – Best & Hurst
  10. Kenneth Wolstenholme – ‘Some people are…’
  11. Mclusky – Their Ain’t No Fool In Ferguson
Starting XI (Dance)

  1. Her Majesty The Queen – 1966 World Cup Opening
  2. Barcelona (DC) – Kasey Keller
  3. Carl McIntosh – Marseninho
  4. Depth Charge – Romario (Single Mix)
  5. Fait Main – Thierry Henry 100%
  6. Barry Davis – Dennis Bergkamp’s goal v Argentina WC’98
  7. Midfield General – Dennis And My Sister
  8. Zero 7 – Everything Up (Zizou)
  9. Commentary – Pele at Aston Villa
  10. Arakatuba – Pele (Instrumental)
  11. Pele’s goal in the 1970 World Cup

(Additional notes: The selected tracks are all by professional musicians and the aim was to have songs about certain footballers, but as you can see I cheated with the Joe Strummer, SFA & Mclusky tracks.)


» D/load   [31 minutes/file size:30mb]

» D/load  [36 minutes/file size:33mb]

I may have peaked already with these two. Don’t expect every podcast to be like this.
I am looking for ideas for future themed pods. Leave a comment below with your suggestions.

– PLEASE NOTE: I will not do a pod for a specific club because 1) There are CD’s and downloads available elsewhere. 2) Most of these club songs are crap anyway and 3) With some teams there’s an imbalance with their music. For some sides, Liverpool, Newcastle and Arsenal for example, there are loads of songs, but for others, e.g. Blackpool or Bolton, there’s hardly any.

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2 Replies to “The Football And Music Podcast”

  1. I agree with Stevie. Give us more. Football and music just go hand-in-and so I can see this going on for a while. In terms of future podcast themes I think a Diego Maradona compilation would be hilarious. I know the Business, Becks Pistols and other punk bands have paid hommage but there’s gotta be loads. Some others that might be cool is worldcup anthems- although mostl cheesie and one that I would be super keen on- football supporter anthems. I could help u with Germany if interested since that’s my background/ 1st love.
    Cheers, Jobst (@therealfutboler)

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