For the more well know bands, singing a song for your national team isn’t a fashionable thing now. Although I hope because the Manic Street Preachers have sung for Wales, that it does start up the trend again.
There’s also because in the terms of record sales (read: music downloads), unless you can guarantee you have something that you think might sell as big as Three Lions did, the artists and record companies don’t really bother. The exception this year as I said, are the Manics.

Because of this void created by the apathy of established acts, it is left up to the amateurs to fill it.

Which is where my suffering comes in, because as I mentioned in a previous post it is my job to take those bullets for you and listen to all these home made England tunes.

The number one location for launching these efforts onto the world these days is YouTube. Simply enter in to the search “England Euro 2016 song” and then stand aside as the landslide of videos pour down.

You’ve got to sift through them. There are those who uploaded songs for England as far back as 2010. I have seen your video, I have listened to your song. It doesn’t improve simply because you’ve gone back in and altered the title to Euro 2016 in the hope that somebody will watch. If it was bad then it is still bad now.

It is not all desperation in regards to England tunes though. Yes there are hundreds of weak efforts, but if you keep digging there are diamonds to be found. And I did find.

The very first one then could be the brightest. I like the approach to this one.

John Bossa – Got To Give (1970 Back Home remix)

Via the Manchester Evening News:

Euro 2016 tune by Stockport musician first to be allowed to sample England classic Back Home

An England fan is hoping to kick-off a wave of nostalgia with his Euro 2016 song – the first one ever to be allowed to sample the 1970 classic Back Home.

Chris Hunt has recorded Got to Give, which is a remix of the song recorded by the players before the Mexico World Cup.

At the time England were the reigning world champions and Chris is hoping the song – with its retro video featuring clips of everyday life in the era – can help them recapture former glories.

The video, as you will see, doesn’t go the obvious route with footage of old football matches, the clips instead are from English life in the late 1960s/early 70’s.

I think you can download this via iTunes. Find out more via Twitter or on Facebook.

This next one is also up there in regards to the tune and a very funny video:

The Public House Chorus – A Nation of Tribes

You can download/purchase this via iTunes or at Amazon and many other places.

I like the lyrics to this song and they way they mention all the previous Enland tunes. The video illustrates that perfectly too:

One of Lewis’ & Lions Out Loud – Trevor’s England Dream

You can download this via iTunes and all the usual places. Find out more via Twitter.

This is the last one for now and on his You Tube page, Lee writes that he was planning to remix this song (this was a month ago). I will update this entry if that happens. Either way I think it is a decent song as it is:

Lee Farrington – Do It For The Fans

Update:Lee hasn’t had time to do a remix, but as I said this is good enough anyway.
If you want a copy of this song, contact him via Twitter @farro76.

If you are feeling brave enough, go and have a look at all the England songs on YouTube. Don’t forget to weed out all those which have been uploaded two years or older. I’m all for recycling but not if it’s old tat.

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