Let’s Have A Good Time…

Fatman ScoopThis is something I wish I found at the beginning of the tournament, but oh well.

Fatman Scoop is an American artist who like Sydney Youngblood and Terrance Trent D’arby is more well known in Europe than his homeland. In fact he’s big in Switzerland… I’m not saying that because he is a big bloke but because his stuff has charted there.

Scoop’s style is a shouty, he has a loud rough but memorable voice. He has featured on a number of artist singles including Timberlake.

He had a top 10 single in the UK back in 2004 and currently he’s doing a popular sex and relationship podcast show called Man and Wife.

Before the tournament the Swiss got Fatman Scoop to do a song for the finals, a song that has a positive message and celebrates the event.

Here is that song plus a couple of remixes:



» Fatman Scoop - Let's Have A Good Time (Euro Cup 2008)

» Fatman Scoop - Let's Have A Good Time (Sigma Mix)

» Fatman Scoop - Euro Cup 2008 - Locuorio DJ Official Mix

- www.fatmanscoop.com
- MySpace - Locuorio DJ

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