There is a rather large European football tournament happening right now, you might have noticed. The thing is though is that it’s all gone a bit cable TV rather than BBC. Quantity instead of quality.

This is Platini’s gift to his home country, which also turned out to be his farewell.

I was overjoyed at the prospect of 24 teams playing in the space of 30 days, with two or three games each day. But then thinking about it… It’s too much. Yes even somebody who loves watching football and would do so at every opportunity is questioning this. It is because of some of the teams taking part.
At this point my full and deepest apologies to anyone that do follow these I’m about to name.

With these finals all you nearly had to do was to be a European team and you qualified. I say nearly because somehow Scotland failed to get to the finals but Slovakia didn’t. Iceland got there. Albania qualified. Albania for fcuk’s sake…

Euro 2012 had 16 teams and that was fine. Copa América Centenario currently playing also has 16 teams and that is great. Because of our obsession and love of football we have now got too much.

Sorry. Mini rant over. I might change my viewpoint after a few games. I probably will.

I’ve done an initial search before the tournament begins to search for any songs done for the teams in Euro 2016, either official or not. I will add to this post if I find more.
» If you know of any not mentioned here leave a comment below.


An unofficial tune done by a fan. O Selection:


VERY traditional with their official song. Serdar Ortaç – Bitti Demeden Bitmez:


Looks like a Romanian record company produced this. Decent music and a very slick video though.
VH2, Anda Adam, What’s Up & Alina Eremia – Sa inceapa galagia!


They got some well known names in to do an official tune. Via Flanders News:

Belgium’s top DJ’s Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike cooperated with colleagues such as Steve Aoki and Ummet Ozcan to do the official Belgian Euro 2016 song “Melody”, at the request of the Belgian FA.


Fans were asked to upload a video of themselves saying “Mitt team” (my team) and these were used in the video for their official song.   Frej Larsson, Joy – Mitt team:

ADDITIONAL: There are a few half-decent home-made songs out there too.


This is via Die Presse (google translated)

The official song of the Austrian Football Association for European Championship finals in France is called “We are.” EAV-frontman Klaus Eberhartinger has the piece together with the band Schmidhammer recorded.

Schmidhammer feat. Klaus Eberhartinger – Das sind wir (That We Are):


Germany have brought out a big gun, musically, with their official song. Via Das Erste (translated)

Shortly before the start of the European Football Championship in France presented the first duo for Germany: Felix Jaehn and Herbert Grönemeyer.

Felix Jaehn & Herbert Grönemeyer – Jeder für Jeden (Everybody Everybody)


Lastly for now it is Spain who are taking it up a notch ! The other videos above got professional singers to belt one out of them. Spain got SERGIO RAMOS on lead vocals. Yes! A return of the singing footballer !
(Try not to get creeped out by the inane grinning faces)

I know there are more out there but I need your help.
If you know of a song for any other team (apart from the home nations) in Euro 2016. Post a comment:

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