I’ve already written about how I think the Republic of Ireland will do in the Euros… Let’s have a listen to how they are singing about them.

I found out about the official tune via the Irish Times:

The band behind Ireland’s song for the European Championships in France was commissioned to write it after a chance meeting just two months ago.
Seo Linn were given the task of writing and recording a song for Euro 2016 after meeting FAI chief executive John Delaney on Easter Monday…
…They came to Mr Delaney’s attention after their performance at RTÉ’s Easter Rising musical commemoration Centenary concert, which was broadcast on television.

There isn’t a video yet. I’ll add one if it appears. For now though here’s a fan made lyric video:

But as always that isn’t the only song out there.

– There’s this from Jason Branagan and his friends, which they produced and uploaded to YouTube as far back as last October, even before Ireland had qualified. They took a gamble and now they are singing in the finals:

I don’t know if or where you can buy that. I’ll post a link if I find one.

– This was written by Johnpaul Wright, music by Tom Tuohy:

– You can download this via iTunes

Incidentally I used a pic of Father Dougal in his Republic of Ireland shirt at the top of the post there – You will see many Ireland/Father Ted themed flags at the finals.
Father Ted - Ireland flag

– This from Dave Conway – Ireland Abú:

– You can download that via iTunes or via Amazon as well as other places.

– Finally for now (Thanks to @TPOEblog) Here’s Andy Wilson and the Longshots with the Summer of ’16:

– You can get this via iTunes or via their Bandcamp page.

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