Jumping On The Mozart Bandwagon

I told you didn’t I.

Mario Alaimo got it. ITV got it and now Auntie is doing the logical thing with their Euro 2008 coverage:

BBC chooses Unkle for Euro 2008

Dance group Unkle’s version of a Mozart symphony has been chosen as the theme for BBC Sport’s coverage of Euro 2008.

The interpretation of Symphony no. 41 will be illustrated by an animated title sequence produced by the BBC with Aardman Animations.

The choice of Mozart reflects the fact the event, which begins on 7 June, is being staged in Switzerland and the composer’s birthplace of Austria.

ITV Sport is also using a Mozart composition for its coverage.

It will be using a recording of Queen Of The Night performed by soprano Natasha Marsh.

» Full article

Rock me Amadeus

The Austrians have a a world famous musical heritage but they don’t exploit it. Doesn’t make sense.

But luckily we’ve got Mario and the telly channels seizing on the opportunity.

The Beeb and ITV themes are not out there yet… Update: Yes they are. Video for the BBC title sequence here and a behind the scenes look here.

… so until then I’ve got a weak excuse given to me with this news article to post some footie-related tunes* from Unkle…

*None of them are actually about football, but they were used on some voetbal media content.

“Reign” was used as part of the Australian A-League’s “90 Minutes 90 Emotions” advertising campaign for the 2007/2008 Season:

» Unkle – Reign

The next few are from the soundtrack of “Goal! – The Movie”:

Unkle – Blackout

» Unkle feat Joel Cadbury – Leap of Faith

» Oasis – Cast No Shadow (Unkle Beachhead Mix)

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