Come On… Just Pick One

Rock me Amadeus

I kicked off the event with us adopting Mario Alaimo’s tune as the official song for the Football and Music website Euro 2008 coverage. (You had your chance UEFA, but you blew it).

As mentioned Mario submitted his song to the powers that be to used for the tournament, but they decided to go with…

Well it looks like they couldn’t make their minds up.

Now when you think of Switzerland you think of… of… clocks, cuckoos…chocolate… But not much with the music.

When you think of Austria though it comes to you immediately. Which is why I’m puzzled.

Mario’s tune would have been perfect to use somewhere in some capacity, if not for the main theme, at least somewhere.

But the sweaty UEFA suits were also thinking of revenue and how much money can we make off this and chose a musical act that hasn’t been in the charts or the public eye for a number of years now.
Remember “Oh Carolina”…? How about…“de der de der der… It wasn’t me… de der de der der… It wasn’t me…”     That bloke.

Let’s reflect on and promote the music from the Alpine region by getting a reggae singer in.

» Shaggy – Feel The Rush

Trix and FlixThere’s also a video in which the Euro 2008 mascots named Trix and Flix are in Jamaica and play a game of beach soccer with the locals.

To be fair to them they do move from Jamaica to the Alps half way through the vid.

But wait - There's more !

That’s not the only song from the Shagster. For some unknown reason there’s another one.

Now I would say the reason for this is because singles have ‘A’ sides and ‘B’ sides, but who buys singles these days ? Nobody buys CD singles anymore. Everything is digital downloads now.

So why a second song is a mystery. I suppose just in case people don’t like the first one…

» Shaggy – Like A Superstar

Again there’s a video where I have to say congrats to the Austria/Swiss/UEFA authorities (whoever are responsible) for being progressive. At the beginning of the animated vid they show Trix and Flix living together in a same sex partnership. Then they go down to an abandoned village to play in the empty square before moving to a footie pitch to do some break dancing.

But wait again - It doesn't end there. There's even more !

As I said the powers that be couldn’t decide on just one and there will be another installment in this story.

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