España Podemos !

Hello and thank you to Jorge Martinez who is in Columbia for mailing me.

The other day I put a shout out for anyone to email me if they spotted anything related to Spain and Euro 2008. He suggested this video: España PODEMOS! (Podemos means “power”).

From that I discovered that a Spanish television channel is using this music as the theme to their coverage of the tournament.


(Have I mentioned that I adopted the Spanish team and they are the ones I’m following throughout Euro 2008…? Yeah I probably have too many times already. What I also said is that when I looked at the draw, everything was lined up for Germany to be in the finals. If they are I hope that Spain meet them there.

Anytorres… to the music:

» Podemos – Full Version

2 Replies to “España Podemos !”

  1. Hitesh Sawlani says:

    Greetings from Madrid!
    This song is the “official” Spain eurocup 2008 theme.

    “Podemos” actually means “We Can”, this is relating to the fact that Spain always loses out in tournaments and no one really knows why.

    The channel you mentioned is “Cuatro” (Four). It is the channel that has the tv rights for the game so they keep using that music when going in and out of the commercial breaks.

    Some ringtone companies are also using it on their tv ads to get people to download it as a ringtone (for a premium ofcourse).

  2. anthony says:

    hey does anyone know how i could get that song onmy computer?


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