As always I am crap at thinking of a good title, but like the website it does as it says on the tin:
England songs done for the 2018 World Cup.

I used to enjoy the build up including this process but now because of technology but mostly because of YouTube, anybody and everybody can easily throw something together and throw it online.

If you want to take a dive in for youself, go right ahead, but in the interest of your sanity and at the risk of my own, I have waded through the deluge and selected* those which are worth your attention.
*New song uploaded in the last few months.

A few of the clips you’ll see on that YT search are from some years ago now. If the songwriters are smart enough not to include a reference to the year, location or any specific players/managers in a song they can easily go back in and update the title to the current major tournament.

Case in point with this one from The Skatoons, done for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa but it still hits the high standard that all other home made video/songs should be aiming.
» You can still download/purchase this via Amazon.

Using that as the benchmark then, let us dive in…

This first one is via @johnnydobbo who suggested Sir Robert Orange Peel, and they take an interesting and very different angle. It is a sort of spoken word song, and the words being spoken by…

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» You can buy this track via the Bandcamp embed/link below:

A Lo-fi approach from “Chunky M” with an accompanying video recorded in the living room after moving all the furniture out. It’s not your standard singalong on the terraces anthem but a very decent tune anyway.

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I like this one. Like, like, like. “Diamond Geezer” has some very funny and smart lyrics, which because of the mention of current events will date it and not be able to recycle in the future. But I have a feeling that the artists is smart enough, if he does a football song again, to create something as good as this.

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Not really sure about this… Its from “One Man And His Beard” and I have to say it is a bit abstract.
Grows on you though. I’ve played it through a couple of times now and the chorus does get stuck in your head.

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Another suggestion from JD is this from The UkePuke (@theukepunk) which like F&M he does as it says on the tin. The song with the chorus describes exactly how we’ll all be watching this summer: “Jumpin off the sofa and screamin at the telly/Singin with the boys and beers in our bellies…”

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Wrapping this up for now… If any more decent tunes appear I will update the post… with this song which is from an English group but not about the England team. The reason for inclusion here is that this song (to be released on May 25th) by “The Lockerz” is part of a crowdfunder to raise money to build a school in Nepal. Click on that link to read more. The single will probably only cost 99p to download, so make sure you do when it is available.

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At the moment there isn’t an official England WC song and probably not going to be one. (UPDATE: I was correct there isn’t.) It’s not fashionable to sing for your country any more. Besides we’ve never recovered from this abomination which was released 20 years ago now. How does it feel ? It still hurts.

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