England Songs And Other Tunes

If it wasn’t for people taking the time to contact us, much of what you see on the site wouldn’t exist. I am always grateful to those of you who do spot something and then dropping a line either via the contact form, or via Twitter or on the Facebook page.

One of those who did and a big tip of the hat to you, is Mark, or M.C. Lee as he’s sometimes known. He is the lead singer of The Pocket Gods. They made an appearance on the John Peel show.

Mark/M.C. Lee left a message via Facebook about this group of football and England songs. Included in this collection is The High Ones imploring England to put the ball into the net. 3D Shark (who did a Euro 2016 song for Northern Ireland) sang about Brian Clough. – Then there’s Mark’s own band The Pocket Gods, Smiley with a musical love letter to England.   The Livertones is notable: The ghost of Frank Sidebottom haunts this one. Then there’s No Nookie and no Playstation. The playlist finishes with Don’t Put Your Daughter On The Pitch Mrs Worthington.

Additionally he tweeted me about this other England song, which I don’t like as much. But because Mark told me about the above…

» Find out more about the Pocket Gods and their friends at www.100×30.com

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