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“It’s a New Era !”   the F.A trumpets.   “There’s a New Hope !”   they blare out to all and sundry.
“And don’t forget to buy the new England™ kit !”

But actually (apart from the last bit) there isn’t and they said none of these things.

Despite the dismal showing a few months back, unlike the French farce who resolved to clear everything out, wipe the slate clean and start all over again, there isn’t the same sort of thing with the England setup.

It’s true that Fabio will be looking at new players, or more likely the ones he left behind and didn’t take to South Africa. Trying to fix the mistakes after the event has happened.

Despite this resolve to correct an underperforming problem, we haven’t heard from the players themselves saying that yes it was partly my fault, or yes I was to blame for some part and I will take responsibility. I will retire from the internationals and let a younger generation have a chance.

After the World Cup they returned home (after an extended holiday), drove their Bentley to their club, got their agents to negotiate a contract extention and a boost to their weekly earnings.

Business as usual.

Then there’s another call up and they cry off with an injury which could have been dealt with pre-season but waited until an international break to seek treatment.

Yes I am still bitter about the whole thing. As I said nobody will put their hand up to admit their errors.
None of them will until they are in the twilight of their career and release an autobiography blaming Capello/ blaming their old club/blaming the F.A/blaming everybody but themselves for their pitiful performance.

Everything isn’t Irie & it will not be until certain players are dropped or retire from international duty.

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2 Replies to “It’s England’s Irony”

  1. Missed the first half (forgot it was on telly), but England looked a totally different team from the farce of the World Cup. Green in goal was brilliant. He seemed to have some sort of sixth sense when he knocked the ball out for the second goal. Inspired. Rooney was good, but he needs to sort his private life out. How can he concentrate on the game if his brains are in his pants??? Probably explains his lack of focus in June. All in all, England deserved the four goals. Wish Capello would cheer up at a bit through…

    Onwards and upwards

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