For the Euro 2004 Championships the FA gave Pete Hooton a ring and with the help of the now Five Live 606 phone in presenter DJ Spoony and the involvement of The St. Francis Xavier’s Boys’ Choir, they came up with a re-recorded and remixed version of a well known tune…

» The Farm – All Together Now (England Euro 2004)


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The original version was released in 1990 at the height of the Madchester thing (even though they were a Scouse band they were bunched in with them down the M62.)

Because of the mixture of indie music with dance it meant that there was going to be a boat load of remixes: (Also included: A revived dance remix from 2004)

The Farm - All Together Now

As mentioned above: England Euro 2004 Mix

» (1990) Single Mix » 12 Inch Mix
» LP Version » Club Mix

– –

» Classical Mix » Dream Remix
» Farley & Heller 12″ Mix » Rocky & Diesel Mix

– –

» Indie Rock Mix » 2004 BCD Project Remix

Went for the classic 4-4-2 formation there…

As you can see I’ve got a starting XI, but what about the Subs bench ?

There will be an additional posting with songs that are related to the above. I’ll update this entry once I’ve sorted out the reserves.

» Additionally: England Farm Reserves

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