This one requires some set up first before we get to the tunes because I realise that there will be a few of you out there who might not actually recognise or remember the big nosed bloke below:

A montage of Stewpot

In the late 70’s Radio One used to play what Radio Two plays now. At the time it was all mainstream, safe middle of the road music, no risks taken. (The late great John Peel was still on, but was shoved into a late night slot and never talked about). The current Radio 2 has some of the DJ’s who were on 1 all those years ago and they are still playing the same stuff. -In another twenty years the DJ’s on One now will be… well you get the gist.

Back in the day the DJ’s on “Wonderful Radio 1…Two Seven Five and Two Eight Five…” were your mates, your chums and they all had nicknames such as ‘Diddy’ David and the ‘Hairy Cornflake’.

The first nicknamed DJ of Radio 1 (“The Happy Sound!”) was Ed “Stewpot” Stewart who was recruited from pirate radio to the newly formed BBC Radio 1 (“Beep Beep Yeah!!”) and eventually he got a Saturday morning show where he hung around with kids… no wait it’s not creepy, hear me out.

In fact in the 1970’s Ed Stewart’s Junior Choice was the most listened to radio show, plus he was on the telly presenting Crackerjack – the most popular kids game show.

You know those novelty songs like “Tie me kangaroo down, sport” or “I’m a pink toothbrush, you’re a blue toothbrush” or “Puff the magic dragon”… (Full list here)…well it was Stewpot who used to play these songs for little children who listened to them.

As well as playing these tunes Ed “Stewpot” liked to get together with a group of kids…no stop that, I told you it wasn’t creepy back then… and sing song with them.

One bad example is on You Tube:

But a couple of better examples – and this is where the footie and music comes in:

Stewpot with the kids » Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart & Junior Choice – Back Home

» Ed Stewpot & Junior Choice – Nice One Cyril

Extra Time: Related links to the excellent website Radio Rewind:

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And Finally…

Stewpot, the man who adults trusted with their kids, stars with his daughter (who must be in her mid-30’s by now) in a public information film about the dangers of talking to strangers:

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