– I got an email from Don in which he told me a song done about a legendary Dundee United ‘keeper, which once I find I’ll post, but for now I have this one lined up about another goalie who will possibly also be seen as a legend in years to come because of his impression/tribute/parody {delete where applicable} to another legendary shot stopper at the same club years before.
May 25th 2005. Liverpool had somehow come from being 3-1 behind to draw it 3-3 and take it into extra time.

Thanks to some stunning saves by Jerzy Dudek in extra time, he kept a tiring Liverpool side in it and then eventually the match had to be settled with something every England team are never very good at. The penalty shoot-out.

Serginho for AC Milan was the first one to take and when he looked up to the goal he saw Dudek doing his version of Brucie’s spaghetti legs. It was enough to put him off and the shot was blasted way over the bar.

He saved a second shot too. This time from Pirlo, before finally on Milan’s last shot he stopped a straight down the middle effort from Shevchenko.

Even though Dudek had gone to the right, he somehow managed to get his hand behind his leg and knock the ball away.

Rafa rewarded these heroics the following season by signing Pepe Reina.

After this he made only made 12 more appearances until he made a dream move to Real Madrid where he now… sits on the bench.

Some fans who witnessed his antics from that night recreated his moves. You too can “Du the Dudek“:

Du the Dudek

Some others went into the recording studio as well:

» The Trophy Boyz – Du The Dudek

– Lyrics:


Come on and do the Dudek
Do the Jerzy Dudek
Shake it, shake it, move it
Jump up and wave your gloves!

We’re the one and only
Euro Campione
Who get to keep the trophy
The rest aint good enough!

One night in Turkey
Some lads from the Mersey
They never gave up the fight
We went bananas
Sons and their fathers
As they set the city alight

Carragher’s brilliant advice


At 3-nil we were stuffed
We thought it was all over
But come the second half
We played them off the park!

Stevie…Steve Gerrard
Ee-zey…He’s in command

Grobbelaar’s come back to life


When we scored three in six
The Mersey boyz were laughing
Then Jerzey’s double save
And we’re back from the grave!

Heroes…of the Mersey

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