[Subs Bench] Dry Your Eyes Becks

A tour of Derek's hair through the ages - click to view largerIt seems that Derek has forgotten about his blog even though he’s got plenty of time on his hands right now. Time he is going to spend, according to entertainment/gossip websites, wearing tight underpants so he can get it on with Skeletor and conceive a girl.
(Do we really need that much information ?)

Until Derek remembers that he has a blog and gets one of his assistants to make something up to post; some related stuff we’ve found:

Gift Grub is a comedy sketch thing originating from Irish radio station Today FM. Usually Gift Grub’s skits are in the form of a song about a famous subject. You might have heard one of their productions – “José and his Amazing Technicolor Overcoat” – in the F & M Jukebox.

Here’s another one of their efforts, to the tune of The Streets song Dry Your Eyes, – Roy Keane phones Beckham after England’s defeat against France in Euro 2004, to console him:

Dry Your Eyes Becks :


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