Yes we all know what he did and I’ll get to it in a minute, but before that it is with thanks once again to Eric who I’ve mentioned on here once before…can’t find it now but I’m sure… e-rawk. That was it !

e-rawk (as he shall be known and as you should address him if you ever meet him) is the one who always gives me a nod to some legit bands and a link with their music to football. Last time it was Bell and Sebastian, The Decemberists & The Lucksmiths and he’s done it again with a couple more bands:

“…Just heard this track on the radio. New Gotan Project song called La Gloria. You probably already have it but just in case…

It reminded me of a song by Zero 7 called “Everything Up (Zizou)” from their album Yeah Ghost last year.

Evidently the “Zizou” tag came when they were recording it. They thought it needed a quick turn a la Zizou to work. I don’t think the song has anything other than that to do with football.”

The two aforementioned songs:

Gotan Project » Gotan Project – La Gloria
Zero 7 » Zero 7 – Everything Up (Zizou)

Eri… e-rawk’s message gives me a perfect excuse to post some other stuff about Zidane:

Now I don’t know if you saw that incident during the 2006 World Cup Final, in fact not even the referee saw it and it was because of a television replay that got Zinedine his marching orders. There was a fourth official who told the ref about the event, but he himself didn’t see it directly but via a monitor near the dug outs.
Said monitors have been banned from because apart from spotting things that the officials didn’t see, the team bosses were using them to see things that they usually don’t see. Thus bringing us back to the status quo: “Arsene – did you see that tackle on…?” “No, no I didn’t see it”. Believable deniability.

I’ve wandered off the subject there… back to Materazzi versus Zidane and le coup de boule.

This moment was reported around the world – even the local news station in my part of the woods aired the footage. No mention about the actual match and results, but repeated showing and discussion of the incident.
Not long after hundreds of animated gifs were created [some here] and the day after the final a couple of brothers created a song about that moment in time:

[Via Wikipedia]   “Coup de Boule” (French for “headbutt”) is a French song performed by brothers Sébastien and Emmanuel Lipszyc, who run a firm called La Plage that produces television jingles. The track was written and recorded in half an hour the day after the World Cup Final. The soca-style song is about the France national football team’s appearance at the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final, especially Zinedine Zidane’s headbutt on Marco Materazzi.

The Lipszyc brothers, with co-writer Franck Lascombes distributed the song as a joke to about 50 friends over the web and within hours it was playlisted by Skyrock – one of France’s largest independent radio stations. By July 12th Warner Music won the bidding war to licence the song. It was released as a one-song CD on July 20th and reached number one in the French charts.

La Plage - Coup de Boule » La Plage – Coup de Boule

Video –

Lyrics – including an English translation.

Their song was actually a parody of a parody – I’ll let Wikipedia explain:

“Zidane y va marquer” is a song recorded by the French TV and radio host Sébastien Cauet and broadcast on radio from May 2006. Based on the music of Salif Keita and Martin Solveig’s hit single “Madân”, this parody evokes different players on the team of France Football committed during World 2006, including Zinédine Zidane.

Background and writing
From May 2006, the song featured on the radio program hosted by Cauet every morning. The tone is humorous and refers to Zidane as a providential savior. The lyrics also mentioned the non-selection of Jérôme Rothen and Nicolas Anelka and the unexpected selection of Pascal Chimbonda. In the original version, Zidane was injured leaving the place to Claude Makélélé, but after the France v China match, the lyrics were changed to reflect Djibril Cisse’s real life injury.

… The song gained in popularity after the victories of the French team at the World Cup. It was being sung in the streets during and after the games in celebrations. Cauet decided to record the song and release it as a single.

Cauet - Zidane y va marquer » Cauet – Zidane y va Marquet

His song got to No.1 in August that year, but was supplanted by the La Plage tune soon after.

Again it is with grateful thanks to e-rawk (I told you not to tell me about that name). Top spotting.

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