The “Hey I Spot A Theme Here !” Post

When the Vinyl Villain posted this item it helped me stumble upon and complete a footie-musical theme.

Apart from the first one, the other two are not actually about footie, but they do have familiar terms and phrases in their titles (thus giving me a pisspoor excuse to post them).

But before those an instrumental released in 1966 which I think could have been the first one especially recorded and released to cash in on the World Cup.

Don't shoot the ref

» John MacLeod’s First XI – Don’t Shoot The Ref !

The next two – one from a FootballandMusic stalwart and another from a beat combo straight outta Leeds:

» Half Man Half Biscuit – Mathematically Safe

» Artic Monkeys – Settle For A Draw

Again thanks to the Vinyl Villain for the inspiration and song.

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