Before we get deluged here with songs trying to fill the void left by the lack of an official England one (a move which like the appointment of second choice Steve they will come to regret), gathered here are “highlights” of some other acts that tried to catch our ear back in 2006.

A montage of what went before

It is with big thanks to those splendid chaps over on the When Saturday Comes Message Boards who posted a thread looking at some of these now forgotten candidates plus some prospective new ones. But as mentioned the purpose of this entry is to reflect on previous efforts so on we go…

Taylor starts us off and gave us a selection of tunes for you to pass judgement on:

“… I had to do an article for WSC before the last World Cup rounding up the more obscure pro-England anthems, and by Christ it was startling. I’ve just discovered to my delight that a few of these have survived in a distant corner of my hard drive, so I thought I might share some of them with you.”

Come on England
» Unknown Artist – Come On England

“The great thing about this one is that it’s actually quite proficiently done – a fairly serviceable pastiche of early 70s pop, through a Robbie Williams prism – which just makes it all the funnier.”

out for the lads
» Branded – Tits Out For The Lads

“I seem to remember that Branded had high hopes for this one. Who can blame them… “Tits out for John Terry!” is fair enough perhaps, as at least you can imagine he’d find it some kind of motivating factor…”
– Video

On The Road Again
» Unknown Artist – On The Road Again

“Another masterpiece of unknown provenance, this one updates Sheena Easton’s classic whatever-it-was-called into a stirring ode to “Lampard, Gerrard, Joe Cole and Sven”. He’s crazy mad for them.”

Next up are some that I found:

Now Is The Time
» MC Mickey and DJ Brettski – Now Is The Time

(To the tune original by Jimmy James & the Vagabonds)
The time was twice actually as this one was first released in 2004. Sadly like it’s first time around once again it was ignored.

I Am An England Fan
» Sweet FA – I Am An England Fan

Remember that band Black Lace ? No this isn’t them (although I’m surprised they haven’t ever jumped on this particular bandwagon) This is somebody that took a Black Lace tune – and made it worse.

Savva Nuvva
» The Lion’s Roar – Savva Nuvva

(Let’s have) another beer. Geddit ? The creators of this must be from Albert Square. Bit of a geezer sounding title and song.

There are loads more at the bottom of the barrel, this was only a light scrape.
Plus these are samples from your ordinary every day bloke, next up will be songs from some “celebs”.

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