Flogging A Dead Horse

All right this is absolutely, definitely, the last final ending post to end it all. Honestly. I’m not just saying that.

This is something I found, made a note of and then promptly forgot about until just now.

Should have got it out last month before the final whistle and I think the parties concerned with staging/promoting and selling the tournament wanted you to spend your hard earned on it, but will now be consigned to the bargain bin.

As with the game which in the adverts they tried to sell to us with the tagline: “Change the outcome…” (I saw the print advert in last month’s 4-4-2 but don’t have the copy here right now).

Try as they might to flog it not many people bought it because of the non-attendance. I’m sure all the big companies didn’t make as much profit as they would have liked this June.

Another one of the products they tried to push onto us was a soundtrack. Yes the tournament had an official song.. actually there was a few but with the game (the video kind that is, not the footballing one) there was an accompanying soundtrack.

I’ve chosen at random two song from this plus there’s a bonus for those of you who click on the Read more.. after the tracks below.

Just like the CD’s released to tie in with the movies, this is “music inspired by..” type of thing but doesn’t feature any of the official songs. In fact none of the tracks on this CD none of them have anything to do with footie. They don’t even try to tie it in apart from this first one which has a slight link… well it mentions feet…

» Pete & The Pirates – Come On Feet

Official website

» Carolina Liar – I’m Not Over

Official website

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