Do I Not Like This

Update: On the original posting I got my history
mixed up, corrected now. But I'm still leaving in the references to Graham Turnip Taylor because as I wrote below I do believe that with the events right now we are going the same way.

At the moment it feels like (with the current England set-up) that history is repeating itself and we are heading into another Turnip-type era. I fear that – and there is a strong chance – we are not going to qualify for Euro 2008.

Nearly 20 years ago – the Euro ’88 Finals – there was an England song released which doomed us all.

It wasn’t Lineker’s lack of goals that did it. It was this song – produced and released at the height of the Stock Aitken & Waterman reign of terror.

England Football Team* – All The Way:
* Which it obviously isn’t

Thanks to MickMills for the find

In Euro ’88, as MickMills points out in the comments below, we qualified easily and then lost every match in the group stages.

“Do I not like that Phil Neal ?”   'No boss...'

2 Replies to “Do I Not Like This”

  1. mickmills says:

    Webbie, This was actually from Euro88, when we were ace in qualifying, then a shower-of-shite during the tournament. Lost all three games.

  2. Webbie says:

    Ah bollocks I’ve got me England history mixed up. The substitution was in ’92 wasn’t it.

    I’ll rewrite this post.

    (Still going to blame Turnip for our performance though)


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