Derek’s Last Stand

Beckham and his Bo Derek cornrows

I’m surprised that the Beeb and none of the others have reported on this yet – a Press Association news item released yesterday:

England set for USA clash

The Football Association are close to sealing an agreement for a friendly between England and the USA at Wembley on May 28…

… A friendly against the USA would inevitably lead to hopes that David Beckham would play for England in order to boost interest in the match in the States.

If Beckham is not picked by England manager Fabio Capello for the friendly against France in Paris later this month then the May date would be the next opportunity for the Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder to win his 100th cap.

» Full article

So Derek will get his 100th and final cap.

As mentioned in the item there is another friendly at the end of this month. Fabio has said that he will only pick old Goldenbolls if he is fit and playing well, but the MLS season still hasn’t started yet. They are still doing pre-season friendlies throughout Asia.

Now this convenient arrangement has come along is a perfect opportunity to give Derek a proper send off into semi-retirement.

– Before I continue an explanation of why he’s called Derek.
The origins of the name came from this mention in a popbitch mailout a few years ago:

After this the members of the PB Board started to call him (Bo) Derek Beckham.
So now you know.

But back to the game in hand…

Can anyone see him being picked again after the financial opportunity ? (which really is what this match is all about).

One last blowout and then say goodnight Derek.

Music-wise and it’s another tenuous connection I’m afraid, but a good one. It comes via the I’m Not Always So Stupid blog and a bit of post-C86 jangly indie pop:

» Mousefolk – Where’s David Tonight

A question Skeletor was asking a few years ago...

Sadly apart from this discography, there’s little to no information about the band.


I read that post on I’m Not Always So Stupid a while back and made a mental note to come back and download the song, but then forgot about it. I went back today but sadly the link was dead. I then searched to see if anyone else had posted anything and found this post to a couple of albums which were ripped to mp3 from the original vinyl..

I’m not sure if that blog is the originator of the post, but either way it gave me a chance to get the Mousefolk track and to discover some other forgotten recordings.

“…two of my top favorite records here, taken from the golder era of indie pop … Airspace! (Breaking Down Records, 1989) and its sequel Airspace II (Breaking Down Records, 1990) were two charity compilations, released in Bristol … artists participating here were the best people of the indie pop scene back then …”

On the Airspace II album there are some recognisable names including The Wedding Present who cover the Penetration song – Don’t Dictate. There’s also Cud, Mega City 4, The Groove Farm and a stand out track from The Darling Buds:

» The Darling Buds – Shame On You (Slightlydelic Mix)

Not related to the subject of the post in any way. Just thought I’d take this opportunity to post this little gem.

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