Denis Law Was A Heel

This is the first post in what I’m calling the “Nostalgia Ain’t What It Used To Be” series in which we’ll be looking back at significant events and people from days gone by.

To start us off it is Denis Law and that back-heel.

It it more commonly remembered as the 10 yard cheeky chip-in that sent Man Utd down, but in fact they were pretty much already doomed anyway.

A quick reminder »

Denis Law was one of these rare players who had played for Man City and then moved to Man Utd (via Torino for one season) before signing again for City.

But his second spell at Maine Road was after 11 sucessful years at Old Trafford. Back at City it was a Denis Law who was near the end of his career.

In City’s last game of the 1973–74 season, it was his back-heel that gave City a 1–0 win, but he was devastated to have relegated United (it turned out they would have been relegated even if the match had been drawn, but Law did not know this at the time) .

When he scored Law didn’t celebrate the goal, he walked back up to the half way line with his head down and was substituted immediately afterwards. This game was the last of his professional career, as he retired shortly afterwards.

Stefen Cush of The Men They Couldn’t Hang remembered this and other events of the 70’s when he wrote today’s tune:

Denis Law and Ali McGraw

» The Men They Couldn’t Hang – Denis Law and Ali MacGraw



Some real jumpers for goalposts moments in there, plus mentions of a couple of other players.

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