This time last year we were thinking about the upcoming World Cup to be held in Brasil.
What would happen in this one ? Would the host country easily win this on their home ground ?

Also at the same time Mark Whitby on Dandelion Radio put together a special football and music-related show.

Have a listen to this programme again via Dandelion Radio Mixcloud:

Mark Whitby’s World Cup Special – 2014/06 by Dandelion Radio on Mixcloud

There isn’t a playlist with the Mixcloud uploads, but it’s still on the Dandelion Radio site:

John Motson – The Good, The Bad & The Downright Hilarious
Power Switchblade – Theme From Sparta FC #4
Future Of The Left – Goals In Slow Motion
Depth Charge – Goal (First Half, Yellow Card)
Lonely Tourist – The Ballad Of Paul Tierney
The Norbitones – These Nearly Nearly Glory Glory Days
Forkeyes – Fell Off The Penalty Spotty Spot
Offside – Yellow Card
Half Man Half Biscuit – 1966 & All That
The Fall – Kicker Conspiracy
Gracie Fields – Pass Shoot Goal!
Standard Fare – Vaya Vaya Mexico
Serious Drinking – Love On The Terraces
Dubchek – Football Dub
Mano Negra – Santa Maradona
Barry Davies – Maradona’s Hand Of God Goal, 1986
Scott Doonican – West Stand Bogs
Helen Love – Cardiff City Superstars
Billy Bragg – God’s Footballer
Frank Sidebottom – The Robins Aren’t Bobbins
Barmy Army – Devo
Le Man Avec Les Lunettes – Don’t Get Fooled By The Football Players’ Summery Outfit
Wrexham Supporters & Arfon Griffiths – This Is Arfon Griffiths (Wrexham Is The Name)
The Tractors – Pat Nevin’s Eyes
Barry Davies – Schumacher’s Foul On Battiston, 1982
John Mouse – Robbie Savage
Attila The Stockbroker – Abramovich’s Donkey Sanctuary
Raymond Bizarre – Eric Cantona
The Living Carpets – Anthem (Peace In The House)
Arsenal FC – Charlie George Calypso
Club 8 – Football Kids
DJ Paul Elstak – (You’re A) Hardcore Hooligan (Kasparov Remix)
1EYE – England
Morrissey – Munich Air Disaster 1958
Unknown – Commentator Zidane Headbutt, 2006
Mogwai – It Would Have Happened Anyway
Woog Riots – Football Round The Clock
Martin Tyler & Gary Neville – Liverpool V Chelsea, 2014
Crystal Palace Supporters – Gerrard Chant

Because you always want to get something where you visit this site, below are a couple of tracks from Mark’s show which qualify for a replay:

» Power Switchblade – Theme From Sparta FC #4

» Future Of The Left – Goals In Slow Motion

» Forkeyes – Fell Off The Penalty Spotty Spot

» Standard Fare – Vaya Vaya Mexico

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